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Spelman College's Wintermester 2020-2021

Financial Aid for Wintermester

Important Financial Aid Tips

Things to know about financial aid, if you want to consider attending Wintermester at Spelman College:

  • You must be enrolled at Spelman for at least six credit hours

  • Current HOPE recipients may be eligible, but it will impact your future eligibility because there is a 127 hour cap on all attempted hours. This may mean you will run out of funds before you finish your degree

  • If parent(s) plan to apply for the parent PLU loan, they will have to reapply and it will cause a ‘hard inquiry’ on their credit report which will affect their credit score. This also affects the cumulative amount that they end up borrowing for your undergraduate degree

  • If you use your student loans, you will have NO student loan eligibility for the spring semester

  • You cannot use your current institutional scholarships to pay for Wintermester

  • Always speak with your financial aid counselor about your eligibility before registering for Wintermester

Reduced Tuition Price for Spelman's Inaugural Wintermester 

Tuition Pricing Structure 

1 credit hour   –   722.25 
2 credit hours – 1444.50 
3 credit hours – 2166.75 
4 credit hours – 2889.00

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Registration Dates

Registration Begins: Nov. 2, 2020 | Registration Deadline: Open until classes begin