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Spelman College's Wintermester 2020-2021

Financial Aid for Wintermester

Important Financial Aid Tips

If you are considering attending Wintermester at Spelman College, please keep in mind the 4 bulleted items below.

  • You will only be allowed to enroll for four (4) credit hours, and the Only Financial Aid available for Wintermester is the Pell Grant, if you are eligible. However, any amount used for Wintermester will impact your spring 2023 semester award eligibility (for example, if you are eligible for $2000 for the spring semester and you receive $500 for Wintermester, your remaining spring eligibility will be $1500).

  • Current institutional scholarships cannot be used to cover the cost of Wintermester.

  • Before registering for Wintermester, please speak with your financial aid counselor concerning your financial aid eligibility and the impact it will have on your spring Pell eligibility.

  • Pell Grant disbursements take place after the Wintermester classes begin. If you are registered prior to the fee payment deadline and you wish to use your Pell grant, knowing that it will impact your spring eligibility, you must email your Financial Aid Counselor.

Reduced Tuition Price for Spelman's Inaugural Wintermester 

Tuition Pricing Structure 

1 credit hour   –   722.25 
2 credit hours – 1444.50 
3 credit hours – 2166.75 
4 credit hours – 2889.00

Pay for Wintermester

Register for Wintermester Today

Registration Dates

Registration Begins: Nov. 7, 2022 | Registration Deadline: Friday, December 9, 2022