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Study Abroad Requirements

Evaluation Form for Returning Study Abroad Students

* Required Field
Have you had an international travel experience before coming to Spelman?

Have you previously traveled abroad on a Spelman study travel or study abroad program?

Are you a first generation college student?

Are you a Pell grant recipient?

The questions below ask you to examine some of the components of your Study Abroad experience.  Candid and thoughtful responses will be appreciated. Please note that your responses will not in any way affect the credit that you receive. Remember that your evaluation will be available to other students who may decide to select this program based on your responses. So please be honest.
2. What were your expectations and objectives before attending this program/institution and did they change during your participation?
9. Please list any courses (with instructor’s name) that you would highly recommend and any that you would caution a future Spelman student to avoid (with reasons why).

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