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Virtual Academic Assistance and Course Support

The Student Success Program (SSP) is the umbrella unit that oversees academic support services at Spelman College. SSP uses best practices and essential resources to provide excellent academic support to help students realize their full potential.

Virtual Academic Support Services

The Student Success Program has virtualized its services to support the online learning environment. We provide the following services in our virtual centers, labs and programs:

  • Directed Supplemental Instruction
  • Peer Support and First Year Study Groups
  • Specialized Academic Coaching
  • Campus-wide Assessing

For virtual academic support schedules, self enroll in the Student Success Program Moodle course.

Virtual Centers/Programs

Chemistry Learning Center
Director: Dr. Mary Van Vleet
Contact: Shannelle Harris | 404-270-5744 |

Comprehensive Writing Program
Director: Dr. Michelle Robinson
Contact: Bonnie Tidwell |

Directed Supplemental Instruction
Directors: Dr. Monica Stephens, Dr. Mark Lee
Contact: Shawanis Porter | 404-270-5722 |

Foreign Language Resource Center
Director: Paulina Canales
Contact: Paulina Canales |

Intermediate Algebra
Director: Tiffanie Scruggs
Contact: Tiffanie Scruggs | 404-270-5831 |

Math Lab
Director: Tiffanie Scruggs
Contact: Tiffanie Scruggs | 404-270-5831 |

Counseling Services
Director: Dr. Vickie Ogunlade
Contact: 404-270-5293
Schedule: Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Student Access Center
Director: Dr. Ave Marshall
Contact: 404-270-5295 |
Schedule: Mon. - Fri., 9 - 5 p.m.

Student Success Program

Interim Director: Alayna M. Blash, DPM
Contact: Brandi Reese | 404-270-5584 |