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Spring 2021 #LevelUpChallenge Winners

Tori Concepcion c2021Tori Conception, C’2021
Los Angeles, CA
Major: Biology

"I am very glad that I did the Level Up challenge! The strategic advising session was very helpful as I transition from undergrad to my next phase in life. I was given great advice that I will carry into my future endeavors."


MyLena Bradley c2023MyLena Bradley, C'2024
Stone Mountain, GA
Health Science

"The Level Up Challenge encouraged me to take a step further in getting advice for not only my future aspirations but also my current ones. Thank you!"


Jnea Greer c2023J’nea Greer, C'2024
Fort Worth, TX
Major: Economics
Minor: Management and Organization

"Dr. Clay helped me to confirm that I was on the right track, as well as assisted me in getting some things accomplished. She was the push that I didn't know I needed. Dr. Clay and this program are such an asset and a blessing! I am grateful for them and the opportunity to be impacted by them. Thank you!"


Daisha Patton c2024Daisha Patton, C'2024
Atlanta, GA
Major: Health Sciences

"Actively participating in the Student Success Program has been one of my best decisions thus far. With the help of Dr. Clay, I have been able to improve my overall  academic performance. This program has also made me aware of Spelman’s resources that can help me improve my leadership skills and seize opportunities intended for me."


Alix SwannAlix Swann, C'2021
Silver Spring, MD
Major: International Studies
Minor: Comparative Women's Studies

"My Strategic Advising Session as part of the Spring 2021 Level Up group was extremely helpful in thinking about my journey after Spelman. I was able to gain new academic and professional insights and make new connections!"


Abieyuwa Okoro c2024Abieyuwa “Abi” Okoro, C'2024
 Silver Spring, MD
Major: Health Science

"I am so glad I decided to participate in the #LevelUp challenge. All of the resources and advice that was given has been so helpful in terms of guiding me towards my goals!!"


Kalese Goodwin c2022Kalese Goodwin, C'2022
Nashville, TN
Major: Health Science/Pre-Medical Track

"Participating in the Level Up Challenge allowed me to explore how I can improve my studying habits. Dr. Clay was a great help in introducing me to resources and programs at Spelman that can enhance my Spelman experience!"


Tenesha Carter Johnson c2024Tenesha Carter Johnson, C’2024
Kansas City, KS
Major: Art History
Minor(s): Curatorial Studies and French

"This program has allowed me to level up as a student of the classroom and the world. I am confident that I am much more prepared to take on my academic work and extra curriculars with the insight this program has provided."


Brynna Boyd c2024Brynna Boyd, C’2024
Alexandria, VA
Major: Health Sciences

"The Level Up Challenge enhances the Spelman experience because it actively helps students achieve Spelman's mission:  A Choice to Change the World. I am glad I am a member of Spelman's Student Success Program and did the Level Up Challenge because it is equipping me with the tools I need to change the world."

Spring 2021 #VirtualOfficeHoursChallenge Winners

Chayla Cherry c2022Chayla Cherry, C'2022
Computer Science Major

“I'm so grateful be a winner of the Spring 2021 #VirtualOfficeHoursChallenge! Not only did it allow me to receive a $250 award for my study space, but I was able to create relationships with my professors more intentionally, and I became more comfortable with asking them for help when needed. Being a computer science major, I spent a lot of time sitting in front of a screen even before we went virtual. This can put a lot of strain on my eyes, as well as the rest of my body for being stationary for so long. With the award, I was able to buy new blue light glasses, a more supportive desk chair and an external hard drive. These are all things that will be incredibly helpful for me to close out this semester. Thank you for encouraging us to utilize the resources Spelman provides!”


Maati McKinney c2021Maati McKinney, C'2021

"I didn't participate in the Fall 2020 Study Space Makeover Virtual Office Hours Challenge, but after it ended I really wished that I had! I resolved to be sure to enter the contest for the Spring 2021 semester mostly so that I'd have a chance of winning, but it actually turned out to be a really helpful motivator for starting the semester off on a good foot. Going to office hours regularly increased my productivity and prepared me for midterms, and it even helped to stave of my senioritis. I highly recommend the practice for all students, and thank the Student Success Program for putting on such a cool contest!"


Kinsley Ray c2021Kinsley Ray, C'2021

"Thank you to the Student Success Program and their Virtual Office Hours Challenge! Because of their gift, I was able to buy study space materials such as a desk, rolling chair and white board. My new study space will make it much easier to focus and do well in my STEM classes. Staying at home during this virtual semester has been challenging, however my professors have helped me tremendously during the time I spend with them in office hours. Once again, the Student Success Center is greatly appreciated for funding my new study space and motivating me to attend office hours more often!"


Taylor Talley 2021Taylor Talley, C'2021
Biochemistry major

“My name is Taylor Talley and I was selected as a winner of the Spring 2021 Virtual Office Hours Challenge. I would like to say thank you to Spelman's Student Success Program for continuing to support Spelman students and gifting me with funds to put towards my study space. With Spelman being virtual for the whole academic year, I definitely utilized going to my professors' office hours more due to the additional challenges of being virtual. As a junior biochemistry major there are a lot of reaction mechanisms, metabolic pathways, and computational utilization during this year. I was able to purchase a brand new desk, laptop stand, laptop case and other organizational tools in order for to me to have enough space to complete my studies effectively! I am truly grateful and again I want to say thank you to Spelman's Student Success Program!”


Ayannah Lang c2022
Ayannah Lang, C'2022
Aliana Stanley c2023
Aliana Stanley, C'2023

Fall 2020 #VirtualOfficeHoursChallenge Winners

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Alanna Johnson Stewart c2021Alanna Johnson Stewart, C'2021
Biology Major

 "Many thanks to the Student Success Program! This giveaway enabled me to purchase supplies like pens, pencils, a wireless mouse, and even a desk mate - a beta fish named Dorothy. The challenge overall motivated and inspired me to create the habit of attending office hours, which I maintained after the challenge was over. It can be difficult to keep up with positive academic habits when everything is virtual, so thank you, Student Success Program, for your continued and active efforts to empower the Spelman community to maintain their academic success through such difficult times!"


LaNiya Owens c2021La’Niya Owens, C'2021
Education Studies Major

"My name is La'Niya Owens and I was selected as a winner of the Virtual Office Hours Challenge!  I would like to say thanks to Spelman's Student Success Program for gifting me with $250 to put towards my study space. With Spelman being virtual for the fall semester, I definitely utilized going to my professors' office hours more, which resulted in me being rewarded. As a senior, elementary education major, my study time consisted of a lot of lesson planning! Therefore, I was able to purchase a new planner, dry erase board, teacher decor, and other teacher necessities in order for to me to plan and study effectively! Again, I want to say thank you so much to Spelman's Student Success Program!"


Jayna Bryant c2023Jayna C. Bryant, C'2023
Biochemistry Major

“With the help of the Student Success Program's services, I was able to finish off my fall semester very strong. Attending office hours with my professors and spending extra time on assignments with tutors really aided me in excelling in the classroom. Winning the study space makeover allowed me to revamp my study space to incorporate stationery items that helped keep me organized. I am excited to start the spring semester in a new and cute environment!”


Sharadiant Turner c2022
Sharadiant Turner, C'2022
Mathematics Major
Hunter Christopher c2023
Hunter Christopher, C'2023
Biology Major


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