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Student Success Course Support

The Student Success Program provides course support for students to master course content and ultimately attain their academic goals. The major objective is to EMPOWER students to become creative, independent learners and problem solvers capable of processing and handling volumes of information.

  • One-on-one tutoring in social sciences courses and in the STEM areas when students need individualized assistance 
  • Specialized academic coaching
  • Generic study skills workshops
  • Student Success Seminars
  • Support for students preparing to take tests for graduate and professional school
  • Administration and interpretation of multiple student assessments (i.e., Myers Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory, ETS profile, and Major Field Tests)
Student Success Tutoring Program

Strategic Advising

The strategic success adviser provides student-centered academic support to students, including those who have encountered academic challenges that have caused them to be on academic warning or probation. The strategic adviser will assist students in developing an Academic Success Plan, which will include specific goals and strategies for meeting academic goals. Some of the strategies include regular meetings with the strategic success adviser, meetings with peer tutors, managing time wisely and using effective study strategies. The strategic success adviser fosters holistic student success and persistence to graduation in support of the College’s strategic plan goals.

Academic Course Support

Academic Course Support is available by appointment throughout the academic year. Our peer tutors complete a rigorous training program. Students may receive assistance in study techniques, specified content areas, textbook reading skills, note-taking, test-wise strategies, problem solving and communication skills. Our peer tutors are positive, enthusiastic and sincere about helping their Spelman sisters. Remember, peer tutors are students like you!  They understand your challenges and they are eager to help you learn.

Remember: Academic Course Support cannot take the place of course instruction. Please see your instructor as a first step toward understanding the material.

Peer Tutor Brandi ReeseBrandi Reese
Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Success
Office: 2312F Milligan Building
Phone: 404-270-5584

Location and Hours

Milligan Building, Room 2312
Mon - Thu: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Fri: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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