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Math Lab

The Math Lab is a space offering drop-in tutoring, appointment tutoring, and a productive student workspace. The primary goal is to provide quality tutorial services to undergraduate students at Spelman College. Services are free and available in a variety of mathematics courses and software (i.e. Contemporary Mathematics, Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Calculus I and II, Calculus I, II, and III, Differential Equations, Maple, MATLAB). All Spelman students are welcome to come, study, and ask questions. The Math Lab is staffed by Spelman College students.

Strategies for Tutoring Success


  1. All students must sign in when coming to the lab.
  2. Bring your books, notes, and other materials when visiting for tutorial services.
  3. Visit early in the semester and visit often.
  4. Bring content attempts with you, including those that are incorrect.
  5. Make note of specific questions you have as you work and bring them with you.
  6. During virtual sessions you will be able to screen share, so have virtual materials ready.


Mathematics Laboratory Student Staff Members 

  • Ashanti Lawson, C’2025 | Biology Major
  • Brianna Freeburg, C’2027 | Math Pre-Med Major
  • Ciera Sherrill, C’2024 | Math Major
  • Deana Burris, C’2025 | Biology Major
  • Hailey Brown, C’2027 | Math Major
  • Isis James, C’2026 | Biology Major 
  • Jadyn Sheats, C’2026 | Psychology Major
  • Jaylan Ezike, C’2025 | Health Science Major
  • Jordan DuBose, C’2025 | Computer Science Dual Degree Engineering Major
  • Jordyn Hoyle, C’2026 | Economics Major
  • Kayla Campbell, C’2025 | Math Dual Degree Engineering Major
  • Keoni Webb C’2025 | Health Science Major
  • Liya Gurmu, C’2026 | Psychology Major
  • Naomi Logan, C’2023 | Math Major
  • Neema Ceesay, C’2026 | Health Science Major
  • Nia Butler, C’2025 | Math Major
  • Nikira Walter, C’2024 | Math Major
  • Saige Goodman, C’2026 | Health Science Major
  • Teja Munnings, C’2025 | Biochemistry Pre-Med Major
  • Trinity Davis, C’2024 | Biology and Psychology Major
  • Zoe Shepard, C’2026 | Health Science Major

Love Math? Like Helping Your Peers?

For more information, email the Math Lab director, Julie Harrison or stop by Tapley Office 312, or use our Microsoft form.

Math Tutor Interest Form

Graphic of Spelman + Kaplan Partnership

Location and Hours

Tapley, Room 301

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Contact Information

Julie Harrison
Mathematics Laboratory Director
Tapley, Office 312

Angela Johnson

Administrative Assistant
Science Center, Room 323