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About the Student Success Program

Virtual Academic Support

The Student Success Program has virtualized its services to support our students in the online learning environment. Access our services and resources from anywhere.

Virtual Academic Support

Spelman College offers a rigorous, intellectually stimulating academic experience. To enhance and extend student learning, the Student Success Program (SSP) offers an array of academic support services to all students. 

The different campus labs and programs offer peer tutoring, group-based tutoring, directed supplemental instruction, student success seminars, testing services and specialized academic coaching within a comfortable environment. 

SSP uses best practices and essential resources to provide excellent academic support to help students realize their full potential. Each lab and program is staffed by highly trained and experienced professionals.  In addition, all tutors and instructional assistants complete a highly regarded training program prior to working with students.

We look forward to seeing you in one or more of the academic support labs and/or programs this year. 


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