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Blue Record Podcast

The Blue Record Podcast

Blue Record Brand Art The Blue Record is the official podcast for Spelman College run by the Social Justice Fellowship Program. It is a collegiate podcast hosted by the women of Spelman College. The mission of the podcast is to critique counterproductive ideologies and discourses that interrupt the mobility of Black women in society. Paying homage to Ida B Wells’ groundbreaking “Red Record," the "Blue Record" will continue to carry the torch of social justice integrity and inquiry through the authentic voices of collegiate Black women. The goal of the Blue Record is to initiate and continue dialogue on intersectional topics through a Black feminist lens. 

As this is a social justice initiative, one of the key aspects of the podcast is utilizing the rich content in the Spelman Archives to incorporate the voices of past students into the conversations we host on the podcast. Additionally, we provide a “book list” for each episode on our website to cite the individuals we are in conversation with and encourage our listeners to explore the topic discussed in depth. From the hosts to the production team, the Blue Record is creatively constructed and produced by Black collegiate women. The Blue Record podcast is housed in Laura Spelman, the Social Justice residence building at Spelman College.

The Blue Record Podcast was established and founded by Social Justice Fellow Kayla Smith, C'2021, and the founding team of the podcast. The podcast produces content year-round, and typically releases new episodes on a monthly basis. To join the podcast team, look out for an email from the Social Justice program ( for a new member application for either a position or an internship — both require an academic term commitment.

To learn more about the Blue Record Podcast, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@thebluerecord). To listen to the Blue Record podcast, subscribe to us on Spotify and Apple.

The Blue Record Blog

 The Blue Record Team

Founder & Director

Kayla Smith

Name: Kayla Smith, C'2021
Classification: Senior
Major/Minor/Concentration: International Studies with a diplomacy concentration
Role on the Podcast: Founder & Director


Hollis Baker

Name: Hollis Baker, C'2021
Classification: Senior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Sociology and Anthropology
Role on the Podcast: Host

Director of Technological Operations and Host

Gabby Gladney

Name: Gabby Gladney, C'2021
Classification: Senior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Sociology Major, Creative Writing Minor
Role on the Podcast: Director of Technological Operations and Host




Diop HS

Name: Diop Russell, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: English
Role on the Podcast: Archivist



Shaquavia Straughn

Name: Shaquavia Straughn, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Psychology major, Educational Studies minor with a Mental Health concentration
Role on the Podcast: Archivist




Osarugue Otebele

Name: Osarugue Otebele, C'2021
Classification: Senior
Major: English 
Role on the Podcast: Archivist

Audio Editor

Jordan Barrant C2022

Name: Jordan Barrant, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor: English/ Curatorial Studies minor
Role: Audio Editor

Audio Equipment Technician

Lyric Eschoe

Name: Lyric Eschoe, C'2023
Classification: Sophomore
Major/Minor/Concentration: Documentary Film
Role on the Podcast: Audio Equipment Technician 

Audio Transcriber

Ananda Griffin

Name: Ananda Griffin, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Philosophy
Role on Podcast: Audio Transcriber

Audio Transcriber

Stephanie Crawford

Name: Stephanie Crawford, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Documentary Filmmaking major, Film Studies and Visual Culture Minor
Role on the Podcast: Audio Transcriber 


Digital Web Editor

Princess Sampson

Name: Princess Sampson, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Computer Science
Role on the Podcast: Digital Web Editor

Public Relations Director

Destinee Filmore

Name: Destinee Filmore, C'2021
Classification: Senior
Major/Minor/Concentration: Art History Major, International Studies Minor
Role on the Podcast: Public Relations Director


Social Media Management Intern

Hunter Christopher

Name: Hunter Christopher, C'2023
Classification: Sophomore
Major/Minor/Concentration: Biology major (Pre-med) and Spanish minor
Role on Podcast: Social Media Management Intern




Social Media Manager and Brand Art Designer

Tasha Walters

Name: Tasha Walters, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: International Studies major with a Cultural Studies concentration, Photography minor 
Role on the Podcast: Social Media Manager and Brand Art Designer

Videographer Documentarian

Nzingha Florence

Name: Nzingha Florence, C'2022
Classification: Junior
Major/Minor/Concentration: English/Photography/Creative Writing
Role on Podcast: Videographer Documentarian