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Quarterman-Keller Scholars

About the Scholarship

The Quarterman-Keller Scholars Program is the first educational initiative established by the Reparations Project, newly formed nonprofit managed by the descendants of an enslaved coastal Georgia family and the descendants of their enslavers.

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Presenting Our 2024-2025 Quarterman-Keller Scholars

Spelman’s Social Justice Scholars are also supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, in partnership with the University of Michigan Center for Social Solutions to further interrogate the varied ways community narratives can inform policies addressing reparations.  The Andrew Mellon Foundation awarded grants to multiple higher education partners, as part of the Foundation’s Just Futures initiative.

Start of Quote  Through funding from Just Futures, the Quarterman-Keller scholars will be able to deepen their research into the social, historical and political impact of slavery. We hope to use this opportunity to create a formal platform for the study of the historical and contemporary impact and imprint of the period of enslavement and land dispossession in the state of Georgia -- Dr. Spence