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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Georgia Women's Policy Institute Scholars (GWPI)

Georgia Women's Policy Institute Scholar - Jhanai Gates, C'2024

Jhanai GatesJhanai Y. Gates was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Gates is currently a sophomore who is a political science major, on the pre-law track, while attending the illustrious Spelman College. During her time at Mundy’s Mill High School, Jhanai received several accolades that highlighted her dedication to academic success, civic engagement, strength of character and integrity. During her time in high school, Jhanai served as a member and Historian for the Clayton County Youth Commission (CCYC), an organization created for high school students who are interested in success, who possess excellent work ethics, are innovators and want to transform their communities with distinguished honor and respect while performing civic duties.

As an advocate, it was Jhanai’s duty to work on government policies and laws that affect her local and state communities with other nearby and statewide government agencies, especially as a Georgia United National Assembly (GUNA) Student Ambassador. As a GUNA Student Ambassador, Jhanai was able to represent Southeast Asia and was earned 2nd place her first year. The following year, Jhanai was fortunate to represent her family’s native country, Barbados, but did not place. The opportunity gave her a superb feeling of nostalgia and pride representing her heritage. Upon her completion of the CCYC, Jhanai received the CCYC Award (Historian) for her time serving from 2017-2019 and a Certificate of Completion for her time participating in GUNA.

During her time as a Clayton County Youth Commissioner, Jhanai also assisted in multiple projects dedicated to aiding youth within her county and abroad. The CCYC hosted and/or participated in events: Mundy’s Mill High School Community Health Fair featuring Congressman David Scott, Teens Against Domestic Violence, Teen Summit, National Kick Butts Day, Walk for the Cure, Teen Voters Registration, Youth Commission Recruitment Events, and Teen Job Fairs.

Currently, Jhanai is taking courses that contribute to her prospering in her future career ambitions and ultimately her professional career: National Government in the U.S and Data Analysis & Research Methods. Jhanai is also a member of her school chapter's NAACP which has taught her a lot about the importance of advocating for social, political, and economic change. Jhanai currently is an intern for the Executive Board and it has been a great experience. Jhanai is able to learn so much about the logistics of what it takes to run an organization effectively dedicated to promoting legislative and racial justice on a regional, state, and national level. Being a member of these lustrous organizations teaches Jhanai the importance of giving back to others. Jhanai improved her oral and written communication skills. Jhanai also strengthened her leadership, organization, and time management skills. Jhanai is also more confident in public speaking and welcomes new challenges with ease.

Jhanai aspires to attend an accredited law school upon her matriculating from Spelman College. Jhanai also aspires to use the skills she acquired during her matriculation from Mundy’s Mill High School and Spelman College to make a change. Jhanai hopes to earn her Juris Doctorate (J.D) degree to practice civil rights law and to later become a Judge for the Supreme Court. Jhanai hopes to accomplish each of her goals and excel within her profession so that she may be a source of aid who contributes to the promotion of social, political, and economic change for underrepresented voices. Jhanai understands that achieving her goals will not be an overnight task, but with patience and diligence it will happen. The race is not won to the swift, but to those that know how to endure!