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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Georgia Women's Policy Institute Scholars (GWPI)

Georgia Women's Policy Institute Scholar - Aniyah Wilkerson, C'2024

Aniyah WilkersonAniyah Wilkerson is a sophomore and History pre-law major at Spelman College with roots all over the country. The eldest daughter of five children with two military physicians as parents, she has a passion for advocacy, humanity, and service. While she has limited experience with the law she seeks to expose herself to as many experiences as possible as she continues to refine her path and long-term goals. Of utmost importance to her is serving others and supporting missions that align with her passion. It is for this reason that Wilkerson seeks a degree in law. She wants the opportunity to support, serve, and advocate for clients, families, and marginalized communities that face discrimination.

As a military dependent, she had the unique opportunity to live all over the world and get to know people from all walks of life with whom she has remained friends. Because of this, her desire to be part of the driving force for social change and understanding of the world has grown. In high school, this drive became solidified as her deeper understanding of the continued oppressive social constructs grew. She participated in multiple protests in which she felt empowered and spoke out via social media platforms. Further, she has worked with a local campaign for the District 3 Atlanta elections. Her worldview has been heightened at Spelman during her African Diaspora coursework, affirming her commitment to be the change she wants to see in the world.