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Early Acceptance Program

What is an Early Acceptance Program?

An increasing number of medical schools are offering conditional early acceptances to undergraduates. An Early Assurance Program allows applicants to be accepted early without even taking the required standardized examinations.

An early assurance program (EAP) is a way for a student to guarantee a spot in a health professional school early on in his or her undergraduate career.

The EAP is a great option for highly qualified students who are already dedicated to a career in healthcare. It is an opportunity for students who have excelled academically during their first and second years in college to be guaranteed a seat in certain medical schools usually without having to worry about the standardized exams or applying to multiple schools. In addition, students who apply and are accepted do not have to worry as much about maintaining a high GPA, allowing them to pursue other extracurricular and academic interests. They can take classes they normally would not take because of the risk of lowering their GPA.

Although the requirements for applying to EAPs differ from school to school, if you are interested in applying to a typical EAP, you must finish the outlined pre-requisites. Your academic performance during your first two years of college is crucial to being admitted. In addition, admissions committees are looking for commitment to a career in healthcare  through your personal statement, supplementary essays, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. Schools may ask for your high school transcript and/or SAT or ACT scores. Some schools only offer the EAP to their undergraduate students or undergraduates from linked programs. Other schools accept applicants from any four-year university.
For most our programs, if you are accepted via an EAP, you are not bound to an unbreakable contract. Most schools give you until the beginning of your senior year to decide whether you want to fully commit to the school. If you decide to back out, you can still apply to other schools the traditional way. Since each school’s EAP differs, it is important to know the details of the specific EAP you want to apply to.

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