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Health Careers Program

Health Professional Careers

The Health Careers Program at Spelman College is designed to be a resource for you on your journey to become a health professional. The Center's welcoming staff is available to assist all students and all majors who have an interest in pursuing careers in health-related professions.

Even if you have a strong interest in one career now, for a variety of reasons, it is still important to have an alternative career in mind. Not everyone applying to professional schools can be accepted; students academic interest, personal needs, and financial priorities can change. In choosing a career, it is most important to understand your own values, interests, talents and abilities, and investigate all your options before making a decision.

In addition to the careers listed here, you can research various health careers and read up-to-minute articles about health professions at

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Health Careers Program
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Spelman's Healthcare Heroes

There are hundreds of Spelman College healthcare stars who are changing the world. These healthcare professionals include administrators, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, psychiatrists and physicians who dedicate their lives to elevating the physical, mental and spiritual well being of others.

Healthcare Heroes