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Journal of Postcolonial StudiesThe voices and scholarly research of Spelman College faculty past and present are reflected in the special edition of the Journal of Global Postcolonial Studies: Frontiers and Frameworks in African Diaspora Teaching and Scholarship (Volume 8, Number 1 Spring 2020). The publication of this first-of-its-kind formal collection of scholarly and pedagogical articles on ADW courses at Spelman serves to:

  • Recognize the recent 25th anniversary milestone of the ADW Program at Spelman (2018-19)
  • Revisit the revolutionary beginnings of the ADW curriculum
  • Disseminate teaching and scholarship in the field
  • Reflect and recast the future of ADW
  • Document the journey and dynamic processes of Program growth
  • Develop innovative curriculum in interdisciplinary studies
  • Infuse relevant, recent and reflective pedagogy and scholarship in the field
  • Create a theorizing space

Journal Contributions From the Spelman Community

Dedicated to the memory of ADW Program professors, Drs. Paul Jackson and Bruce Wade, the journal features the following articles by Spelman's ADW faculty and scholars:

  • "Implementing an Intervention in the Spelman College African Diaspora and the World Course" by Francesina R. Jackson, Jimmeka Guillory Wright, A. Nayena Blankson, Angelino Viceisza, and Bruce Wade
  • "Mental Marronage on the Metacognitive Mountain: Teaching Critical Analysis, Historical Awareness and Social Activism to ADW Student Writers" by Lana N. Lockhart
  • "The Pedagogy of Performing Learning and Teaching to Increase Students' Success in the African Diaspora and the World Class and Beyond" by Soraya Mekerta
  • "Toward an Understanding of Ashé as an Aesthetic Criterion" by Arturo Lindsay
  • "Decoding Black Iconography: The Art Museum and the Acquisition of Visual Culture Literacy in Diaspora Studies in College" by Alix Pierre
  • "Race and Representation in Twenty- First Century America" by Robert Brown
  • Book Review Essay by Anne F. Carlson
  • "Black Skin, White Tourists: Race, Queerness, and Sex Tourism in Dominican Film 'Sand Dollars'" by Anastasia Valecce
  • "Identity Negotiation and Alien Residency Caribbean-American 'In-Betweenity' in Elizabeth Nunez's 'Anna In Between, Boundaries,' and 'Not for Everyday Use'" by Kathleen Phillips-Lewis

In addition to Dr. Parekh's introduction, the journal also includes the following from past ADW directors:

  • "My Time as ADW Director” by Dr. Kathleen Phillips-Lewis (ADW Director, 2001– 2004)
  • "My Spelman Years” by Dr. Sheila S. Walker (ADW Director, 2004–2005)
  • "Contribution” by Dr. Beth- Sarah Wright (ADW Director, 2005– 2008)
  • "My Involvement with the Beginning of ADW and Beyond” by Dr. Soraya Mekerta, ADW Associate Director (2008– 11) and Director (2011– 16)

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