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Student with Aditi Pai

G-STEM Expectations

Each G-STEM Scholar is expected to do the following:

  • Communicate with the G-STEM Office and their G-STEM Mentors before, during and after the undergraduate research experience abroad
  • Attend mandatory meetings and orientation sessions
  • Complete STS100 Study Travel Course
  • Create and maintain a Canvas Portfolio of cultural and scientific reflections of experiences abroad
  • Upon return from your research experience abroad attend one G-STEM re-entry meeting and submit a scholarly research report to the G-STEM office (approximately 10 pages) by established deadline
  • Present a poster or oral presentation at Spelman Research Day and participate G-STEM sponsored seminars for future G-STEM Scholars
  • Complete all surveys, assessments and requests for information administered by the G-STEM Office

  • Apply to G-STEM

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Kai McCormack, Ph.D.
G-STEM Director

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