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Phi Beta Delta Honor Society

Phi Beta Delta

Honor Society for International Scholars

The purpose of Phi Beta Delta is to foster interest and scholarship in the international arena among faculty, staff, and students. Phi Beta Delta, founded at California State University, Long Beach in 1986, was established as an organization in 1987 with 38 chartered chapters, many of which had existed for a considerable time previously at the local level. It is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education.

The Spelman Chapter was organized in 1994, and will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Membership is open to individuals who have demonstrated scholarly achievement in the international arena in any of the following three categories:

  • Distinguished faculty, staff, and visiting scholars involved in international endeavors such as teaching, administrating exchange programs, conducting research, or providing services and programs to international students and scholars
  • International students who have demonstrated high scholastic achievement at their U.S. institution
  • Domestic students who have demonstrated high scholastic achievement at their U.S. institution

Phi Beta Delta

Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, was founded in February 1986 at California State University, Long Beach.  The Society's aim is to recognize and encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal achievement in the field of international education.  

The Society

Phi = Love of Knowledge
Beta = Valuing of human life
Delta = Achieving excellence

The colors of the Society are red and gold, symbolizing the strength of humankind and the energy of the sun from which all people and cultures draw strength and life.

2017-19 Officers

President, Dr. Kathleen Phillips Lewis
Associate Professor of History

Vice-President, Dr. Myoung-Shik Mason Kim
Assistant Professor of International Studies

Secretary, Helene Moon
Senior Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Management Division

Treasurer, Zadie R. Long
Senior Administrative Assistant, African Diaspora and World (ADW)

Chapter Coordinator, Dana Pride Jones Program Coordinator Women’s Research & Resource Center