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Meet Our Scholars

2006 - 2018 Liman Fellows

The Liman Summer Fellowship offers students an opportunity to work at public interest organizations in the United States. Individuals who are selected to receive Summer Fellowships are required to intern for 8 - 10 weeks during the summer, submit final reports about their summer experiences, and participate in the annual Liman Center Colloquium held every spring at Yale Law School.

2018 Fellows

Victoria Hicks, C'2017*, DeKalb County Office of the Solicitor General - Decatur, Georgia
Betanya Mahary, C'2018, Eritrean-American Association of Georgia - Stone Mountain, Georgia
Annia Rochester, C'2019, US Department of State - Washington, DC
Liman Summer Fellows 2018
(far right, bottom row, left to right)  Victoria Taylor Hicks, C'2017 and Betanya Mahary, C'2018 with Undergraduate Liman Fellows cohort. Not pictured, Annia Cyani Rochester, C'2019.

2017 Fellows

Daleesha Cadore, C'2017, New American Pathways - Atlanta, Georgia
Aaliyah Channer, C'2018, The Law and Policy Group – New York, New York
Jillian Lea, C'2018, Fulton County Juvenile Court - Atlanta, Georgia
Liman Scholar 2017 Aaliyah Channer Aaliyah Channer, C'2018, poses with portrait of Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor, C'79, after the unveiling as part of the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program’s 20th Anniversary celebration at Yale Law School, April 6-7, 2017.

2016 Fellows

Brianna Baker, C'2016, Fulton County Juvenile Court - Atlanta, Georgia
Lauren Fleming, C'2017, Planned Parenthood Southeast - Atlanta, Georgia
Shelby Smith, C'2017, DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office - Decatur, Georgia
Liman Fellows 2016
(left to right) Brianna Baker, C'2016, Shelby Patrice Smith, C'2017, and Lauren Fleming, C'2017

2015 Fellows

Alexis Agredo, C'2015, Atlanta Mobile Market - Atlanta, Georgia
Krystal Lunsford, C'2015, DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office Crimes Against Children Unit - Decatur, Georgia
Camille May, C'2015, Human Rights Project at the Urban Justice Center - New York, New York
Liman Fellows 2015 Alexis Agredo, C'2015, and Krystal Lunsford, C'2015.

2014 Fellows

Fabienne Antoine, C'2014, Department of Justice, Office of Immigration Litigation Appellate Section - Washington, DC
Shana Dunning, C'2014, Macon County, Illinois Public Defender's Office - Decatur, Illinois
Kevonna Nathaniel, C'2015, Living Waters Resource Center For Girls - Atlanta, Georgia
Spelman Liman Fellows 2014
Fabienne Antoine, C'2014, Shana Dunning, C'2014, and Kevonna Nathaniel, C'2015.

2013 Fellows

Samantha Arthur, C'2014, Human Rights Advocacy Centre - Osu Ako-Adjei, Accra-Ghana
Imani Lee, C'2014, Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality - Detroit, Michigan
Neah Morton, C'2014, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Health Policy Institute - Washington, DC
Spelman Liman Fellows 2013
(left to right) Imani Lee, C'2014, Neah Morton, C'2014, and Samantha Arthur, C'2014

2012 Fellows

Ayana Cash-Clements, C'2012, Atlanta Legal Aid Society - Atlanta, Georgia
Michelle Eunice, C'2013, Human Rights Project at the Urban Justice Center - New York, New York
Sharmalee Brooks-Gordon, C'2013, Human Rights Project at the Urban Justice Center - New York, New York

2011 Fellows

Taylor Allen, C'2012, Urban Justice Center - New York, New York
Shana Childs, C'2011, Urban Justice Center - New York, New York

2010 Fellows

Jayla Randleman, C’2010, Bay Area Legal Services - Saint Petersburg, Florida
Danielle Stallings, C’2011, Dallas Public Defenders Office - Dallas, Texas
Jordan Webber, C ’2011, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies - Washington, DC

2009 Fellows

Leshaah A. Murphy, C’2009, Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia - Washington, DC
Ginene Lewis, C’2009, Defender Association - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ariel Eckblad, C’2010, Bluhm Legal Clinic - Chicago, Illinois

2008 Fellows

Shannon Cumberbatch, C’2008, Child Advocate Attorneys Office, Fulton County Juvenile Court - Atlanta, Georgia
Shaunicie Fielder, C’2009, Georgia Appleseed - Atlanta, Georgia
Danielle Snead, C’2009, Child Advocate Attorneys Office, Fulton County Juvenile Court - Atlanta, Georgia

2007 Fellows

Carmen Boykin, C’2007, Atlanta Circuit Public Defenders Office - Atlanta, Georgia
Lucretia Taylor, C’2007, Public Counsel - Los Angeles, California
Raye Jordan, C’2007, Georgia Advocacy Office - Atlanta, Georgia

2006 Fellows

Ashlee Caligone, C’2006, Juvenile Public Defenders Office - Austin, Texas
Brittany Armstrong, C’2006 National Center for Youth Law - Oakland, California

* December graduate

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