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ORIC Units

The Office of Research, Innovation and Collaboration is charged with assisting faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to promote and secure sponsored research funding, and oversees the following administrative units.

Research Development & Sponsored Programs (RDSP)
This unit of ORIC supports faculty and administrative staff by providing guidance to identify, secure, and administer grant funding in support of research, creative scholarship, student research training, and programmatic initiatives. This ORIC unit assists researchers throughout the lifecycle of the grant, from pre-award activities including conceptualization and proposal submission, award setup and post-award administration, to the closeout of grant-funded projects. RDSP serves as a resource for securing external funding while ensuring regulatory compliance, thereby promoting excellence in scholarly initiatives throughout the Spelman community. 

Undergraduate Research & Training Programs (URTP)
This unit of ORIC is primarily responsible for the coordination of all undergraduate research and creative pursuits at the College and for the development of strategies to increase student involvement in scholarly activities. The URTP office will work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to support the scholarly engagement of undergraduates from all divisions through activities such as mentor pairing, professional development workshops, RCR (Responsible Conduct in Research) Training, Research Day planning, and student research activity data collection. 

Evaluation, Monitoring & Data (EMD)
This unit of ORIC is primarily responsible for providing leadership and coordination of the development of evaluation plans and logic models to capture, communicate, and enhance the value of scholarly and research programmatic efforts. EMD ensures its stakeholders have the most relevant instruments or tools of measurement to monitor activities. This unit also facilitates reporting of formative and summative outcomes and impact to stakeholders through methods of summaries, briefs, one-page reports (infographics), and visual dashboards.

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance (EHSC)

This unit of ORIC provides services to promote health and safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance. Our unit offers services in the areas of Biosafety, Laboratory Safety, Radiation Safety, and Environmental Stewardship. We also assist with chemical inventory, disposal of hazardous chemical waste, personal protective equipment, and safety training.

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Alisa Butler - ORIC Operations Manager
Alisa Butler
Operations Manager


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Mary Moore
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