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Unauthorized Research

Spelman College will not tolerate unauthorized human subjects research at, by, or for Spelman College (see the appropriate sections of the faculty, staff, and student handbooks). This applies equally to research that never underwent IRB review, research begun while approval was pending, as well as research for which the IRB has denied, suspended, or revoked authority. In the event that the IRB discovers an unauthorized research project, the committee will at its discretion take one or more of the following actions:

  • Warn the investigator in writing;
  • Ban said individual or group from conducting further research at the College for a term of its choosing;
  • Notify the researcher’s department chair or direct supervisor;
  • Notify the Director of Sponsored Programs at the researcher’s home institution;
  • Notify OHRP; and/or
  • Notify the funding agency, if such can be determined

In addition, Spelman College faculty or staff found in violation of these policies will be reported to the Provost for disciplinary action; students found to be in violation of these policies will be reported to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Dean of Student Affairs for violation of the Academic and Conduct codes, respectively.

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