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Chemistry and Biochemistry at Spelman College

Division of Natural Science and Mathematics

Leyte Winfield, Ph.D., Chair

Spelman Division Chair Leyte WinfieldLeyte Winfield, Ph.D., is division chair for natural science and mathematics at Spelman College. She is responsible for providing advocacy and leadership to expand and enrich the academic environment at the College. Her leadership experience extends across and beyond the academic environment, including fifteen years of service in the United States Army Reserve.

During her tenure as chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Spelman, she led the department's efforts to broaden the curriculum to meet the ideals of a liberal arts education while simultaneously providing students with resources that promote improved engagement and performance in the majors. Her record of leadership has also included service as Interim Associate Provost of Research as well as directorships for programmatic efforts geared towards improving diversity in the STEM pipeline.

Dr. Winfield has distinguished herself by receiving a post-graduate certification in Academic Leadership, being appointed visiting associate professor at the University of Michigan, and being awarded an academic writing fellowship by the Rockefeller Foundation. Her collective experiences reflect her dedication to creating culturally responsive initiatives and curricula that result in the productive engagement of minorities and women in various academic settings and in activities that promote gender equity in science careers.  

Majors, Minors and Programs

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