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Chemistry Student

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Often Should I See My Adviser?
  • Can I Major in Chemistry and Minor in Biochemistry or Vice Versa?
  • Are There any Scholarships for Chemistry Majors?
  • Should I Get Involved in Student Activities as a First-year student?
  • If I Don’t do Well on my First Test in a Course, Should I Drop the Class?
  • If I Don’t Pass a Chemistry Course, Should I Change my Major?
  • If I Sign up for a Research Course, How Many Hours a Week Will I be Spending in the Lab?
  • Will I Have the Chance to Give a Presentation on Any Research That I Have Done?
  • Is it Possible for me to Graduate Early?
  • Can I March at Graduation if I Haven’t Completed all of my Chemistry Requirements?
  • What are the Qualifications for Serving as a Tutor, Lab Assistant, etc.?
  • When is it Recommended to go to Summer School?
  • Can I Work on a Research Project During the Academic Year or Summer Even if I’m not in a Program?
  • Can I Study Abroad if I’m a Chemistry Major?

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