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Asian Studies at Spelman

Asian Studies Program

Minor Requirements

Spelman College Asian Studies Program Fall 2022
Spelman students benefit from our collaboration with George Washington University through a professional development program, a Korea summer studies program and a Korean Studies undergraduate research fellows program.

Spring 2024 Classes for Asian Studies :

  • AS/PSC 200 Introduction to Asian Studies (required for the minor)
  • HIS 242 Survey of Modern China and Japan
  • AS 400 Asian Studies Directed Studies (4 credits) -- offered as Ohio State University's Race in East Asia course (virtual)

Fall 2023 Classes Available for Asian Studies :

  • AS/PSC 200 Intro to Asian Studies
  • REL 371 Intro to Hinduism: From the Vedas
  • PSC 420 Sino-Japan Relations with African Countries

Scholars are remarking on the “Asian Century,” as many of Asia’s economies come into their own.  With the gaining of economic strength also comes a heightening of these countries’ profiles in the world.  The Asian Studies minor brings a critical region of the world into focus and allows students to examine an area which is of increasing relevance to our lives.

Student Testimonial: Jillian Linnear, Senior, Asian Studies Minor

Spelman Asian Studies Student Jillian Linnearblue-quote-leftI have really enjoyed my time in the Asian Studies program. It is small, so we are all quite close, and I would not have it any other way. Our professors go above and beyond to make sure we're still able to learn in an area that interests us. In my second year at Spelman, my professor sent me to a conference at George Washington University in D.C. (all expenses paid) which exposed me to many programs, issues and ideas related to the Asian sphere. The opportunities given to us to ensure we can delve deeper into Asian Studies are endless. I hope in the future, more of my Spelman sisters develop an interest in Asian Studies because it is an exciting field of study, and really helps expand one's worldview.


Program Director

Spelman College Faculty Tinaz Pavri Tinaz Pavri, Ph.D.
Division Chair for Social Sciences and Education
Chair of Asian Studies Program
Professor, Political Science

Asian Studies in Action