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Spelman College DMIS Ayoka Chenzira

2010-2011 Student Film Showcases

"Neks Wol No go Tan So (The Next World Won't Be So)"
Producers: M'Ballu Tejan-Sie, Blaire Smith, Nekesa Smith

Description: The memories of three women who survived the civil war in Sierra Leone are highlighted in this film. The women share their journey of leaving war-torn Sierra Leone and rebuilding their lives in Atlanta.

Their stories attest to their trials, celebrate their personal triumphs and highlight their overwhelming desires to return home.

"By Any Other Name"
Producers: Daniel Edwards, Roberta Stanfield, Khadija Ameen

Description: The traditional notion of family is challenged in this documentary portrait of Cindy Lutenbacher, Ph.D., a white English professor at Morehouse College, who mounts a host of personal challenges to create a family of her own.

This intimate documentary portrait follows Lutenbacher and her family as she candidly shares the experiences that led to her choice to become a single mother, adopting three daughters from different ethnic backgrounds.

"Beyond the Storm"
Producers: Janee Chambers, Darlene Garcia, Lauren Brown Jarvis

Description: Five years after Hurricane Katrina and the broken levees, many women in New Orleans have rebuilt their homes, but in too many instances, their lives and communities are still fractured.

Beyond the Storm looks into the post-Katrina challenges that arose for women and how they are facing these challenges as they continue to rebuild their lives.

"The Rainbow Behind the Movement"
Producers: Jeshawna Wholley, Moriah Thomas, Cyncere White

Description: The activism of Black Queer women often goes unnoticed in both the Civil Rights and Gay Rights Movements. This documentary highlights some of the historical contributions as well as current contributions by young Atlanta-based activists.