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Spelman College DMIS Ayoka Chenzira

2009-2010 Student Film Showcase

Student filmmakers Nashawn Anderson, Mychael Bond, Anissa Douglass, Lakeshia Ford, Geralyn McPhail, and Pamela Stegall will showcased their works of art at the Digital Moving Image Salon's "Reel Women" Student Showcase.

Their films explored the stories of Spelman's Pauline E. Drake Scholars, Black women struggling with bipolar disorder, and aspects of the sex industry that are becoming mainstream.

Blurred DMIS Film"BLURRED: A Portrait of Bi-Polar Disorder"
Producers: Anissa Douglass and Nashawn Anderson

"Blurred" focuses on several African-American college students who have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The documentary creates a framework in which Black communities can begin to talk about mental illness.

Fly, Sister, Fly DMIS Film"Fly, Sister, Fly"
Producers: Lakeshia Ford, Mychael Bond, Pamela Stegall

Life can be unforgiving, unpredictable, extremely painful and challenging. This dynamic documentary highlights several women who dare to challenge the norm. Determined to overcome all barriers and stereotypes, these Pauline E. Drake Scholars at Spelman College prove that you are never too old to be bold in obtaining an advanced degree. Each woman’s journey is strikingly unique and richly textured.

What's Done in the Dark DMIS Film"What's Done in the Dark"
Producers: Mychael Julianne Bond and Geralyn McPhail

This documentary aims a lens on the fantasy world of exotic dancing in Atlanta: the taboo, the lure, and the women behind the stigma. It challenges stereotypes about these women in search of answers and reasoning behind their career choice; and explores the “Open Secret” that is exotic dancing.