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Spelman College Faculty Stories

Faculty Stories

Candice Price Named Falconer Scholar-in-Residence

November 2022

Candice Price Falconer Scholar in ResidenceCandice Price, Ph.D.,  is thrilled to be the inaugural Center of Excellence for Minority Women in STEM (COE‐MWS) Falconer Scholar‐in‐Residence at Spelman College. Dr. Price is currently an associate professor in the department of Mathematics at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Born and raised in California, Dr. Price earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico (2003) and a master's degree from San Francisco State University (2007) both in mathematics. She earned her doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of Iowa (2012) under the advisement of Isabel Darcy, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Dr. Price's area of research is applied mathematics, with an emphasis on mathematical models for biological questions. She also has research interests in math education and problems in the intersection of mathematics and social justice. In her teaching, research and service, she focuses on a collaborative approach and views her work through the lens of inclusion and diversity.

In Her Own Words

blue-quote-leftThe legacy of Dr. Etta Z. Falconer and the Spelman College mathematics department is a strong and inspirational one to the mathematics community, but especially to Black women pursuing degrees in mathematics.

Many of my mentors and heroes are Spelman alumnae. The legacy they have established has impacted every step of my academic journey. When I was made aware of the Falconer-Scholar-in-Residence fellowship to be a part of such a legacy, I knew it would not be one I could pass up," said Dr. Price. 

My educational experience has been only in predominantly white institutions so this opportunity to teach in the mathematics department at the number one Historically Black College and University in the nation --  while focusing on research in social justice -- has already had a positive impact on my life.

I hope that at the end of my time here, I will provide the same to the mathematics department and the legacy of Dr. Etta Z. Falconer.