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sustainable spelman

Spelman's Sustainability Pledge

Sustainable Spelman Vision Statement

Consistent with Spelman's historical mission --  to promote ethical leadership and positive social change -- we are committed to achieve climate neutrality by reducing our ecological footprint and practicing sustainability as a way of life.

Even though Sustainable Spelman is committed to ensure sustainability on Spelman's campus,it will take the active participation of the entire Spelman Community  -- students, faculty and staff to embrace sustainable habits. Thus, this Sustainable Spelman Pledge has been developed to provide you with an opportunity to commit to actions that will transform Spelman College into a sustainable institution which is best for you and future generations.

Energy Conservation

I will turn off my computer or set sleep mode or hibernate when I’m not using it.

I will turn off my monitor, PC, copier and printer at the end of the day.

I will turn off the lights when I leave any room, bathrooms, or meeting rooms for more than five minutes.

I will replace my incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

I will take the stairs instead of using elevators.

When I work or study late, I will use only the lighting I need to illuminate work areas.

I will unplug my cell phone and other electronic device chargers when not in use

I will wash my clothes in cold or warm water and only wash full loads.

Water Efficiency

I will not leave the water running while brushing my teeth, washing my hands, shaving or washing dishes.

I will cut back on shower time by at least five minutes.

Waste Reduction

I will print double-sided whenever possible and when appropriate, will use one-sided scratch paper to print less important documents.

I will reduce my paper use and avoid printing emails.

I will recycle all recyclable materials, especially white paper, but also fax papers, post-it notes, envelopes, junk mail, newspapers, plastics, aluminum cans and even electronic equipment and computers.

I will use a re-useable coffee mug or water bottle instead of using disposable cups and buying bottled water.

When moving out at the end of the school year, I will donate my unwanted appliances, books, electronics, clothing, office supplies, furniture and unopened nonperishable food and hygiene products rather than throwing it out.


I will do my best to reduce my food waste in campus dining facilities by not taking more than I can eat.

I will buy locally grown produce as much as possible.

I will reduce my meat consumption by choosing a vegetarian entrée 1-2 times per week or choosing entrées with smaller amounts of meat. Environmental scientists point out that livestock in the United States are responsible for an immense amount of toxic waste and greenhouse gas emissions. According to USDA, animal waste produced by the American meat industry amounts to about 130 times the amount of waste produced by the human population.

I will make sustainable food choices and avoid fast food restaurants as much as I can.


I will walk, bike or take public transportation to get around as much as possible.

I will take the shuttle, or use the Zipcar to get around.

I will dine in, walk to a restaurant, or pack a lunch to avoid unnecessary driving during the day.

Get Involved

I will convince at least three friends to take this pledge. *
I will take an active role in Spelman's sustainability goals by getting involved in a sustainability-focused group on campus such as Environmental Task Force,The Blue Team,Sustainable Spelman Committee and or the Social Justice Sustainable Spelman/Environmental Justice Initiative. *

I will implement a Sustainable Initiative such as recycling or reuse program in my student organization.

Enter your name and contact information (email and phone number) if you wish to take an active role in Sustainability efforts on Spelman Campus. Also, if you need updates on Sustainability initiatives,we will add you to our mailing list.