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sustainable spelman

Sustainable Spelman

The mission of the College's sustainability initiative is to extend our reach and engage the Spelman community in authentic conversations that will increase awareness, knowledge and action on campus.

Spelman's Strengthening the Core Strategic Plan for 2015 starts with a greener community by achieving the following GOALS:

Global Perspective, by working to achieve a “greener” Spelman, we are currently involved in a number of initiatives to create a more environmentally sustainable campus. Spelman College is committed to establish Spelman as a model academic institution in this regard, and our leadership will affect lives positive social change;

Operational Excellence, which will create an optimal experience for all campus visitors;

Accountability, evident in greater cross-institutional cooperation, improved efficiency, and consistently excellent service;

Leadership Opportunities, including professional development and training, for continued growth and development;

Service and Community Engagement beyond our gates.


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