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Spelman College

President's Letter to the Community

URGENT: Take Immediate Action to Complete Provisional Votes

November 8, 2018


Please see guidance on completing provisional votes, mostly for the state of Georgia. To obtain information casting provisional votes in other states, please visit the National Conference of State Legislatures for state-by-state guidance.  

In Georgia, if you voted provisionally on Tuesday, Nov. 6,  because you did not have acceptable state identification, your vote will not count if you don’t complete the necessary steps in two days.

You have three days from the close of the polls to present acceptable identification to your county Election Registrars’ Office for your vote to count. Thursday marked Day 2. If you do not bring your state Identification by the deadline, your vote will not be counted.

Volunteers are offering free rides to Atlanta University Center students and others who need to complete the ID validation process for their provisional votes. To schedule a ride to the Election Registrars’ Office, call 1-888-730-5816, and someone will assist you.

If you voted provisionally, please visit, enter your contact information, and volunteers will help make sure your voice is heard in this historic election. Feel free to share this email if you know of any friends or family who received a provisional ballot Tuesday for any reason.

There are organizations working to provide assistance to make sure that all votes are counted and all voices are heard. The guidance below is courtesy of the Georgia Women's Action for New Directions and the New Georgia Project:

Thousands of provisional ballots were given out on Tuesday's Election Day amid mass reports of widespread machine malfunction, five-hour lines at some polling stations, and  shortages of voting machines.


If you received a provisional ballot, then time is short to make sure your voice is heard. This Friday, Nov. 9, by 5 p.m. is the deadline to take action.

What to Do

  • Go to County Election/Registrar's Office before 5pm on Friday, Nov. 9
  • Present your provisional receipt letter to Clerk/Registrar
  • Present documentation as needed
  • Get proof of your vote being counted

What You Should Take

  • Proof of citizenship 
  • ID (examples: drivers license, government ID, school ID, concealed carry license)
  • Provisional ballot receipt letter (if you have it)

Also, if you cast a provisional ballot, please fill out this form.
If you need assistance or are unsure if you received a provisional ballot, then the New Georgia Project can help. Call toll free 866-OUR-VOTE or visit at any time.


Georgia voters who voted via early OR absentee ballot can visit to see your personal voter page and confirm your vote went through. Just enter your info, and select the "Click here for Absentee Ballot status" link in the lower left box.

Even if you just early voted, and didn't absentee vote, it will still show you whether or not it was counted. If you need assistance or your vote is not as it should be, then the New Georgia Project can help. 

Call toll free 866-OUR-VOTE or visit at any time.

This Friday, Nov. 9, by 5 p.m. is the deadline to take action.


Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D.