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Spelman College

President's Letter to the Community

Spelman Mourns the Loss of Dr. Bruce Wade

September 24, 2018


Just a few days ago, I signed the certificate that celebrated Bruce Wade’s 30-year anniversary at Spelman College, never imagining that he would not be with us to acknowledge the well deserved accolades that go along with such devoted longevity.

In the last few days, the words of his faculty colleagues have filled our inboxes. Their warmth is a testament to Bruce’s devotion and faith in Spelman. Bruce was a pillar, a stalwart, a sage, a friend to his fellow faculty and a devoted teacher and mentor to Spelman students.

Our hearts go out to his wife, Elaine, his family and the many friends, students and colleagues that filled his 30 years with us at Spelman.

We will miss him.

With sorrow,

Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D.

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