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The Spelman Student Virtual Art Exhibition Dazzles

February 2024

Spelman Student Virtual Art Exhibition

In February 2024, we shared a call for submissions for students to submit their artwork for consideration for Spelman College's inaugural Virtual Art Exhibition. Eleven student pieces were selected for their craftsmanship, authenticity and representation of Black art and culture. The student participants are: 

  • Autymn Brown, C'2026
  • Sophia "SoLeigh" Jacobs, C'2025
  • Janay Trench-Lesley, C'2026
  • Halle-Marie Armstrong, C'2024
  • Rachel Eliza Singleton, C'2024
  • Saniyah Smith, C'2027
  • Tori Saylor, C'2027
  • Savannah Imani Woodson Reeves, C'2026
  • Taylor Mills, C'2026
  • Kelise Williams, C'2025
  • Ansley Clemmons, C'2026

View the Spelman Virtual Art Exhibition

Submission Title: Masterpiece

Student: Autymn Brown, C'2026
Theater and Performance Major / Dance and Choreography Minor

This is an ode to Black People: Showing that we are a tapestry of resilience, strength, and beauty.  The way we DRESS, WALK, and TALK EMBODIES our uniqueness. We echo the triumphs of our ancestors and pave the way for generations to come.

Additional Credits: Videographer - Sean Bagley, Morehouse College
Music: Alien Superstar by Beyonce
Label: Parkwood | Columbia

Submission Title: FEMME FATALE

Student: Sophia "SoLeigh" Jacobs, C'2025
Biology Major

FEMME FATALE is a song that Sophia "SoLeigh" Jacobs wrote to display how men, especially on social media platforms describe women as people with negative attributes only such as "Gold Digger" and manipulative, but this song was made to combat this. This song is about how women are at odds with men because a false narrative is being perpetuated about them, but they want people to respect, value, and love them for their true, genuine selves. Thus, men may not get away with dismissing and mistreating women after labeling them as FEMME FATALE

Original Song by SoLeigh
Produced by Mineral Music

Submission Title: An Ode to Girls from the Ghetto

Student: Janay Trench-Lesley, C'2026
English Major

An "Ode to Girls from the Ghetto” is a reflective exploration of love and lust between African-American youth in Urban areas and the role the two play in the self-identity of young Black girls. Through vivid descriptions of interactions with those in my community and a repetition of a hook, “Girls from the ghetto have no business with boys from the hood,” I intend to spread awareness of the impact relationships have on young Black women. The crowd interaction highlights the universal experience for African American people to the extent that there’s a comical aspect.

Submission Title: Sounds of Ghana

Student: Halle-Marie Armstrong, C'2024
Sociology Major | Public Health Minor

The photo was taken during the spring of 2023 in Assin Manso, Ghana on 35mm film.

Submission Title: SPIKE

Student: Rachel Eliza Singleton, C'2024
Art Major |  Spanish Minor

My artwork captures the legend of Spike Lee in a charcoal portrait on paper. His work, generosity, and creativity have positively impacted generations of black people. I thought that it was only fitting that I honor him and the legend that he is by creating a stand-alone black and white portrait with a picture frame surrounding him to let his spirit, energy, and status as a true legend speak for themselves.

Submission Title: Black Radiance

Student: Saniyah Smith, C'2027
Biology Major | Spanish Minor on the Pre-Med Track

This piece of art is a pencil sketch and collage from multiple magazines. It is a testament to Black beauty in nature, depicting all aspects of nature such as flowers, spices and seasonings, animals (hummingbird), and plants. The woman is pictured with her natural hair and her side profile displays her beautiful natural features. In essence, I made this work of art to showcase the intersection between the outside beauty of nature and the internal beauty of the Black woman.

Submission Title: Tori Raynn EP

Student: Tori Saylor, C'2027

My name is Tori Raynn and I am an artist from Houston, Texas. This is my debut album. I had the privilege of working with some top people in the music industry ranging from Montina Cooper, from Beyonce's famous entourage "The Mamas," Justin Guarini, Nash Overstreet and more. This album is a collection of songs, describing and taking you through the evolution of a girl's journey into becoming a young adult. if you love R&B and pop, then you'll find a song in my discography that you love.

Original Music by Tori Raynn

Submission Title: Frida Kahlo Inspired Self Portrait

Student: Savannah Imani Woodson Reeves, C'2026
Art History Major

My self-portrait illustrates the contentment I experience while being in nature. I am inspired by the beautiful island I grew up on called St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I was always surrounded by warm energy and life, whether that was from the Black people in my community or the tropical plants and animals I was near. There was such a great contrast of vibrant colors. The outdoors is an important aspect of my natural and spiritual life, and I thought it was important to capture that in this piece.

Title: On My Momma

Students: Taylor Mills, C'2026
Theater and Performance Major

Autymn Brown, C'2026
Theater and Performance Major | Dance and Choreography Minor

A Dance Visual that represents the SpelHouse Vibe.

“I have always had visions and ideas. I’m a firm believer in letting your ideas leave your mind. So, I’ve created a space for them. This space will grow, and this space will be shared. You never know how many lives you can impact by simply sharing your art. So here’s me sharing mine. Introducing TNMSTUDIOS, bringing the visions to life."

Music: On My Mama by Victoria Monét
Label: Lovett Music | RCA

Submission Title: I Met the Divine In My Grandmother

Student: Kelise Williams, C'2025
International Studies Major |  Religious Studies Minor

(Poem, no description)

Submission Title: Religious Figures

Student: Ansley Clemmons, C'2026
Sociology & Anthropology Major

My piece uses black subjects as Christian like figures. Top- divine being , Left- Angel, and Right- Demon or dark figure.

View the Spelman Virtual Art Exhibition

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