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Nurturing Brilliance: Spelman Trio Shines in Duke's Pre-Law Program

August 2023

Spelman Students Thrive at Duke University Pre Law Program

In a world that often underestimates the power of education and determination, three students from Spelman College have proven that brilliance knows no boundaries. This summer, Tyler Dorsey, C'2026, Brittany Mahone,C'2025 and Zoee Andrews, C'2026, representing Spelman's English and political science departments, honed their skills at Duke University's Pre-Law Fellows Program, a four-week residential experience that introduces talented students to the study of law and to the legal profession. Their journey offers a blueprint for aspiring scholars, highlighting the transformative potential of unwavering dedication and the pursuit of excellence.

Tyler Dorsey: Honing Her Talents to Bring Forth Justice

Tyler Dorsey, an English major with an undeniable magnetism, blended her affinity for language with the intricate world of law. A poised speaker and a proficient writer, Tyler's presence in the program was marked by analytical prowess and creativity. Her commitment to justice resonated in her essays and arguments, garnering admiration from professors and peers alike. Tyler's journey through the Pre-Law Fellows Program not only polished her legal aptitude but also unveiled her potential to be a future legal luminary.

Dorsey shared, "This summer, I had the privilege to be selected as one of 23 Pre-Law Fellows at Duke Law School. During the month-long experience, I took classes that simulated law school classes, met professors, networked with professionals in the legal field, and gained invaluable information.

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The program affirmed my dream of going to law school and becoming a lawyer. I met lawyers, judges and professors who were people of color. I was able to talk to them about navigating the legal field and doing so as a minority. They gave me the tools and confidence to know that I am capable. I can say that the program made a lasting impact, and I am so honored to have been selected. My month at Duke was nothing short of amazing!

Zoee Andrews: Empowering through Understanding

Zoee Andrews, another English major from Spelman's distinguished class, brought a distinctive perspective to the program. Her pen held the power to drive change, to amplify the voices often unheard. Through meticulous analysis, Zoee dissected legal cases, revealing the intricate ties between law and societal progress. Her dedication to justice extended to community projects, giving a platform to marginalized voices. Zoee's journey underscores that law can be a catalyst for positive transformation, and her experience emphasizes the importance of empathy in legal practice.

Andrews reflected, "This summer, I had the incredible opportunity of being apart of the Duke Pre Law Fellowship Program. As a selected student for this program, I had the privilege of learning from such amazing professors, lawyers, judges, as well as a great cohort of students. I was able to get an introduction to the coursework of law school, connect with legal professionals, and learn a lot about other law schools and their different programs.

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It was truly an honor to be afforded an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the law alongside such intelligent and likeminded fellows and the esteemed faculty of Duke University. My aspiration to become an attorney has truly been deepened because of this unforgettable experience. I am excited about my future! 

Brittany Mahone: Paving the Political-Legal Path

Brittany Mahone, a political science major with unwavering determination, showcased the fusion of politics and law. With a keen grasp of the forces shaping our world, Brittany entered the program to drive change through informed policymaking. Her debates showcased diplomacy and critical thinking, a testament to her comprehensive Spelman education. Brittany's journey fortified her belief in the transformative potential of legal knowledge in shaping societies.

Mahone expressed, "My experience as a Duke Fellow had a tremendous impact on my desire to become an attorney. Throughout the program, we were immersed in rigorous courses where we learned to brief cases, write like a lawyer, and analyze and interpret legal information. As a Fellow, I was able to speak with different judges and attorneys who specialized in different fields of law that interest me, and I was able to gain mentors and professors who provided an abundant amount of guidance and wisdom on how to be a successful law school student. I gained knowledge on the topic of law and how the law impacts citizens. 

A Beacon for Future Scholars

Spelman Students Attend Duke Pre Law Program 2023

As Dorsey, Mahone and Andrews return to Spelman for the fall 2023 semester, they bring back not only legal insights, but also a dedication to justice, equality and change. Their journeys underscore the significance of venturing beyond comfort zones and daring to dream big. For future scholars considering Duke University's Pre-Law Fellows Program, these experiences stand as guiding lights.

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I was able to connect with other students who have the same goals and passions as me which was incredibly inspiring. This program taught me how to navigate and persevere through my law school journey. The connections that I made will serve as the beginning of my network that I will be able to rely upon for years to come," said Mahone.

About the Duke Pre Law Program

The Pre-Law Fellows Program targets students from colleges and universities in the Southeast region of the United States with a focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, according to the program website. "As a leading law school in the South, Duke considers the program a significant opportunity to encourage larger numbers of students in the region to not only consider law school but to be prepared to pursue it successfully. While the program is targeted primarily to first- and second-year students of color, we will also seek to include first-generation college students."

Learn More About the Duke Pre-Law Program

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