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Two Spelman Students Awarded National Scholarships

February 2023

Two Spelman Students Awarded National Scholarships

The Department of World Languages and Cultures is very pleased to announce that two of our Spelman students are awarded two national scholarships for study abroad in Japan in Spring 2023. Those scholarships are very competitive ones through the national competition. 


Teala AveryThe United States-Japan Bridging Scholarship Recipient Our Spelman student, Teala Avery C'2024, is awarded the Bridging Scholarship from the United States-Japan Bridging Foundation. This scholarship is a very competitive one. The program director, Ms. Susan Schmidt, told Teala Avery that “The Selection Committee read and evaluated almost 300 applications for the scholarships, and we were impressed by the quality of your application and your enthusiasm for studying in Japan. You can be proud of your achievement.” We are very proud of our Spelman student. Teala Avery was ranked #1 of the other 14 winners. Spelman College with her name is listed #1 on the list. This scholarship is awarded only to 15 students nation-wide. Please also find the information @ . Teala Avery will participate in the one-semester study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan (April 1- July 30, 2023) as an exchange student through the Spelman-Tsuda Student Exchange Program.


Nia PhippsJapan-United States Friendship Commission Scholarship Recipient

The other Spelman student, Nia Phipps C'2024, is awarded the Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC) Fully Funded Scholarship for summer study abroad in Japan (May 22- June10, 2023). Nia Phipps was one of the 15 winners in the United States. This scholarship is, as said by the Program director, Paige Cottingham-Streater, “a rigorous competition for a highly valued opportunity.” “JUSFC is a U.S. government agency that is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive community where contributions from underrepresented scholars and practitioners support and sustain the U.S.-Japan partnership.” This is the very first time for our Spelman student to win such a highly valued award. We are also very proud of her impressive achievement and greatly appreciate Dr. Dimeji Togunde’ s encouraging invitation and support. Nia Phipps will join the Japan-United States Friendship Commission Summer Institute-2023 Program in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

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