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Kimberly Jones -- Committed to Nurturing African American Medical Professionals

January 2023

Kimberly Jones, MISAfter graduating from Spelman in premed, Kimberly Jones, MIS, took a few turns along her career journey. She first worked for the USDA as a biological laboratory technician, and then decided to take networking courses which inspired  her to pursue a masters degree in information systems before embarking upon a long-standing career as a principal systems engineer in cybersecurity.

More than 30 years later, Jones is a mother of a 9-year -old son and is proud to show him how important it is to pay it forward in whatever way you are able. Joyfully, she and her Spelman sisters who affectionately call themselves The Posse, have seen the graduation of a four-year recipient of their scholarship -- the Pink Purpose Endowed Scholarship in memory of their sister, Tara Ayodele Heyliger, C'94.  "Our joy is amplified by knowing our support was inspired to honor and pay tribute to our dearest friend with whom I shared my highest joys, deepest lows, and biggest belly laughs," said Jones.

In Her Own Words: Paying it Forward and Giving Back

Large Blue Quote LeftIt was the Summer of 1990 when I first arrived at Spelman for the Summer Health Science Program and began lifelong friendships. Little did I know that those friendships would eventually inspire my desire to nurture future African American medical professionals in hope and faith that investing in the future generation of bright minds and spirits may assist a future doctor, medical researcher, or prayerfully prevent the suffering of potential cancer survivors and that of their loved ones.

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