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Demetria Michele Smith, M.D. is Committed to Family Health

January 2023

Demetria Michele SmithDemetria Michele Smith, M.D., is a board-certified family medicine physician who earned her bachelor of science degree, cum laude from Spelman. After graduation, she attended the University Of Cincinnati College of Medicine and received her degree in medicine in 2000; and her residency training through the Baylor Garland Family Practice Residency Program in 2003.   

Dr. Smith is a committed patient advocate. She spent the first five years of her professional career providing medical outreach for the underserved at a Central Dallas Community Health Clinic in Dallas, Texas. She has also cared for the underserved by traveling outside the U.S. and participating in a medical mission with A.I.M (Ambassador International Ministries).

Dr. Smith's patients range in age from newborn to the elderly and she embraces the philosophy that the entire family’s needs can be met in one office setting. She understands complex disease processes (such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, anxiety and depression), acute care needs and preventative health for the entire family.

As an active participant in her community, Dr. Smith has been awarded the NAACP Business and Professional Women’s Award- Grand Prairie chapter (2017); and the Collin County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Award for contribution/speaker for World AIDS day (2016).

Dr. Smith recognizes the importance of family, health and happiness. She is happily married and enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons. An active member and treasurer of the Boys Scouts, her hobbies include staying fit with roller skating, spending time reading, and playing the violin.

Spelman Experience and Advice

blue-quote-leftDemetria Michele Smith My Spelman College experience not only prepared me for my profession but also beyond my wildest dreams. Before entering Spelman, I felt confident and competent when I was around family and friends. However, I often felt less than around others outside of my close-knit circle. After attending Spelman, the level of confidence I gained helped me feel fearless in the academic world, professional world and socially.

As an African American female, I would often wonder if I was being judged on my merits or if racism and/or sexism were impeding me.  While attending Spelman, I met powerful women who overcame astronomical obstacles, and I thought I can do anything if these women could rise above their impediments.

My fellow classmates were also bold, confident women who encouraged me and made me believe that I could do anything. Living in a nurturing environment with no boundaries or limitations created a world in my mind and heart that have never left me. I met life-long friends who continue to be undaunting, brilliant warrioresses who never let me forget that I can achieve anything. 

The phrase “Spelman Changed My Life,” embodies my true experience at Spelman. In fact, it helped me navigate medical school and become a family medicine physician. Medical school is a place that can have glass ceilings constructed by white males who believe Black women cannot compete. The academic rigors of Spelman helped prepare me for the boundless amount of information I would have to understand, but more importantly, it continues to build on the foundation my parents started that gave me no limits.


blue-quote-leftDemetria Michele SmithThe advice I would give students hoping to become physicians is to have daily affirmations and replace any negative thoughts with the image of you achieving your goals. If you have been accepted at Spelman, you can handle the academic riggers of any curriculum, but having mental toughness will propel you through the institutionalized racism and sexism that can be so subjective and subtle that it is hard to identify. I would also recommend reaching out to alumnae in your area to help build networking connections. Spelman women have an extensive network that can be invaluable.

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