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Thulani Vereen: Creator. Inventor. Dancer. Scientist. Software Engineer.

June 2021

thulani vereen

Thulani Vereen, C'2020, is a full stack software engineer and professional choreographer. From a young age, she has been fascinated with puzzles and what can come about from putting pieces together. Since being at Spelman, Vereen has merged her passions for computer science and dance through award-winning research implementation projects.

The Yardley, Pennsylvania native applies algorithmic thought processes from her computer science studies to her choreographic process and dance pedagogy. She also applies her dance creations to her computer science research projects. Whether it is a performance technology, dance piece, or educational outreach, Vereen’s work aims to provide new ways for engaging with diverse as well as with untraditional performing spaces and learning environments. She hopes to be at the forefront of the technological revolution of the arts by inventing performing arts technologies for dance performance and dance education.  As a recipient of the Frank and Laura Day Baker scholarship, she also has purposed to lift and give back as she climbs. 

In Her Own Words...

Large Blue Quote LeftI want to let you in on a little secret: In my early years, I did not talk. My mother thought I was mute. As I grew up, of course, I was forced to speak but I still didn't say much with words. I found my first preferred language when I was given the gift of dance at age 10.

I found my second preferred language when I was given the gift of Computer Science at age 17, upon entering the major at Spelman College. I found my voice, the first time I was able to experiment and create using both of my preferred languages. There is not a combination of words that can accurately encapsulate how I feel when I am creating and why I feel that creating is what I am supposed to do. The action of creating is my assignment, it is why I exist.

As I embark on this journey to become a creator, visit my website where I will host all of my dance, computer science, and intersectional body of work. You will also find my outreach and exposure work on the Thulani Vereen site.Large Blue Quote Right


Thulani Speaks. Watch and Share.

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