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The Blue Record Ponders the Connection Between the Wiz, Community and Rona

October 2020

Blue Record Brand Art “Without community, there is no liberation…” — Audre Lorde

Inspired by the September episode of The Blue Record Podcast, junior philosophy major Ananda Griffin, blogs about how "The Wiz" can be understood as a guide for Spelmanites who may be confused, afraid, and vulnerable as they figure things out in the midst of COVID-19. "Dorothy experiences all of those feelings and becomes a better and happier version of herself with her friends' help," said Griffin.

Spelman Blue Record's Diop Russell"I'm so glad that "The Wiz" episode resonates with our Spelman community," said Blue Record head archivist Diop Russell, C'2022, who pitched and crafted the dialogue design for the podcast episode that sparked the idea for Griffin's article. During the show's intro, Russell asks, "How can we care for ourselves and how can we develop sensitivity, grace and compassion as we participate in Zoom University?"

The Blue Record founding team members -- Hollis Baker, Gabby Gladney, and Stephanie Crawford -- join Griffin and Russell on the show to break down the cultural impact of The Wiz. The scholars ponder the question, "What can we take from Dorothy's journey to help us in today's times?" and invite you listen and share your thoughts.

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In her final thoughts about the episode, Griffin, a UNCF/Mellon-Mays Fellow, talks about Dorothy’s idea of “home” by the end of the film. She writes, "She ends the movie in the same physical place she started it, so what is different about the “home” that she so desperately longs for throughout her adventure? Well, Dorothy is different as a result of the community she found when she was in Oz. This reminds me of Spelmanites in the time of the Coronavirus. How can we find and maintain our community to help us get through the strange and unusual terrain of Zoom University?"

Start of QuoteThis may not be Oz, and there’s no yellow brick road, but life is scary and strange right now. We need people to help us get through it!End of Quote


How Griffin Stays Involved. Stays Connected. Stays Proactive.

Ananda Griffin and Spelman College's Blue Record Podcast"I have been able to find community by uniting around social issues. The Rona has stopped a lot, but it has not stopped any of the -isms or -phobias, which is very, very evident throughout all aspects of our lives," said Griffin, co-editor-in-chief of the Blue Record Blog.

"All of the uprisings taking place right now have been difficult to watch, and I’ve seen many of us come together against oppression," added Griffin. "I recently joined the New Age Leaders, an organization committed to uplifting Black people and taking actionable steps toward liberation."

"I’ve also been extra involved in the Spelman Social Justice Program, which keeps me busy (in a good way) and sociable. I’ve seen a lot of us have been attending protests and getting into political organizing. This is a fantastic way to both be active and meet people."

..."This may not be Oz, and there’s no yellow brick road, but life is scary and strange right now. We need people to help us get through it!

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About The Blue Record

Kayla SmithThe Blue Record, the official podcast for Spelman College, is a collegiate podcast hosted by the students of Spelman College in partnership with Spelman’s Social Justice Program. The mission of the podcast is to critique counterproductive ideologies and discourses that interrupt the mobility of Black women in society. The Blue Record Podcast was established by Social Justice Fellow Kayla Smith, C'2021, and her founding team in Spring 2020.

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