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HBCU Game Jam

April 6 - 7, 2024 | Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library

The Atlanta University Center community is invited to get involved, support and witness the popular HBCU Game Jam -- a beginner-friendly hackathon for future HBCU game developers.

Unleash Your Creativity at HBCU Game Jam 2024! Connect with fellow student innovators and bring your gaming ideas to life. It's more than a competition; it's a celebration of culture, coding, and cutting-edge gameplay.

Ready to play your part? #HBCUGameJam2024 #CodeCreateCelebrate 


The HBCU Game Jam is an opportunity for HBCU students to apply their theoretical CS & design knowledge as they compete to build their own video games, learn directly from community & industry partners through skill-based workshops, and connect with industry representatives to learn about the many career pathways into tech/gaming. Partners will have an opportunity to strategically position their corporate brand and offerings to the next generation of HBCU tech talent. 

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The HBCU Game Jam is a 48-hour hackathon, where participating HBCU student teams will compete for industry-sponsored prizes while building their own video games. THE HBCU Game Jam is an opportunity to welcome HBCU students interested in gaming, to the gaming and tech industries, through a fun and supportive event. During the HBCU Game Jam, students will engage with:


● Skill-based Workshops - The HBCU Game Jam will feature workshops, leading up to and during the main event, hosted by faculty, community partners, and industry representatives. Students will learn how to translate their theoretical CS & Design knowledge to the game development process.


● The Hackathon - As the main event of the HBCU Game Jam, HBCU students will compete to stand up a video game in 48 hours. Student teams will be judged by industry representatives, and winning teams will be awarded prizes sponsored by a signature industry partners.


● Industry Opportunities - At the HBCU Game Jam, HBCU students will have the opportunity to hear from and network with representatives from major tech/gaming companies. Through main stage keynotes, industry booths, and volunteer mentoring, industry partners will have direct contact with HBCU students interested in internship and hiring opportunities.


This event will serve 250 HBCU students, community/industry partners, and educators in the southeastern region of the United States. We invite you to join us for the annual HBCU Game Jam! April 6 - 7, 2024 hosted in the Atlanta University Center.

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