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Environmental Science

Environmental Studies Major

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the natural environment and the myriad of ways in which human interact and connect with environment. The major is designed to provide students with skill sets and knowledge from various disciplinary perspectives to address environmental challenges and affect positive social change through local, national and global stewardship that fosters sustainability. The environmental studies curriculum combines inter-disciplinary breadth and depth and prepares students for graduate school, professional school, and a wide array of environmental careers.

The major consist of seven major requirements, two (2)intermediate breadth electives and three (3) upper level breadth electives for a total of forty-eight (48) credit hours.

Major Requirements – 28 hours
ES 211 Introduction to Environmental Science with Lab (4)
ES 252 Introduction to Geosciences with Lab (4)
SOC 242 Health: Sociological and Economics Perspectives (4)
ES 315 Sustainable Development (4)
PSC 320 Environmental Politics and Policy (4)
Math355 Biostatistics (4) or MATH205 Introduction to Statistics (4)
Capstone/Research Seminar (4)
Major Electives (Some listed electives may have prerequisites. Please check the catalog).

Intermediate Breadth Electives – Select 2
ART 130 New Genre Art Forms
BIO 110 Biological Communities, Evolution and Biodiversity
CHEM 111, 111L General Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 159 Food Chemistry
ES 200 Introduction to Environmental Health
ES 215 Introduction to Toxicology
ES 251 Air and Atmospheric Science with Lab
ES 312 Water Resource Management
ES 314 Environmental Biology
REL285 Religion, Women, and Violence in Global Perspective
SOC 321 Community Organizing

Upper Level Breadth Electives – Select 3
ANTH 330 Special Topic: Food and the City
ANTH 404 The Anthropology of Globalization
WS 370 Women & Social Resistance Movements
ECO 369 Urban Economics
ECO 379 Health Economics
ECON 385 Environmental Economics
ES 384 Industrial Ecology
ES 420 Risk Management and Containment
ES 425 Global Environmental Change
HIS 380 History of Science
PSC 420 Environmental Law
PSC 420a Current Issues in International Politics
Math 470 Environmental Statistics Practicum
SOC 340 Urban Sociology
SOC 402 Sociology of Health