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Environmental Sciences Minor

A total of six courses (24 credits), are required for the environmental sciences minor, which include a minimum of three environmental science courses, and three courses selected from the approved lists of elective courses, and a capstone Senior Research Project in Environmental Sciences.

The Minor consists of three sets of requirements:
I.    Core Requirements (three courses required)
Students must complete the following courses:
ES 211 - Introduction to Environmental Science & Lab (4)    
ES 251 – Air and Atmospheric Sciences (4)
ES 252 – Introduction to Geosciences (4)

II.    Three (3) elective courses
The courses below are approved to meet the requirements for the environmental sciences minor. They are subject to revision and this list may be updated when new courses are offered. Courses not listed may also be counted for the minor subject to Dean’s approval.  Courses cannot be double-counted within the major/minor.
ES 200 – Environmental Health (4)
ES215 – Introduction to Toxicology (4)
ES 312–Water Resources and Management (4)
ES 425 – Global Environmental Changes (4)
ES 250 – Food and Energy (4)
ES499 – Independent Studies (4)
BIO 110 – Population Biology (4)
ES 403 – Environmental Science Seminar (2)