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Environmental Sciences Activities & Organizations

Environmental Task Force

The Environmental Task Force (ETF), a student organization under ESHP, is highly engaged in promoting sustainability at Spelman. As written in its constitution, ETF aims to provide enlightenment on issues affecting the environment and to promote environmentally-conscious alternatives. The ETF has been very active in recycling, waste management, resources conservation, among other initiatives.

A great accomplishment of ETF was to suppress the use of trays in Spelman’s cafeteria. ETF members gathered data for one week to support their claim that students using trays tend to fill the tray with more food than they will eat. Also, they calculated the amount of water and energy used to wash the trays. With all the data and graphs, they built a strong, successful case toward the elimination of trays in the cafeteria.  

Honors Program at ESHP

Students graduating with honor at the Environmental Sciences and Health Program must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum GPA of 3.3 in major
  • No grade lower than “B” in the major
  • Research Experience
  • Program service as a laboratory assistant, teaching assistant, tutor, or peer mentor
  • Completion of an honor thesis
  • The student must select a committee of at least three faculty members. Two of the committee members must be Environmental Sciences faculty, the other must be from outside the department.
  • The student must defend their thesis to the committee. The thesis must be turned in by posted deadlines and conform to College guidelines. The award of Honors will be determined by the committee.