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Environmental Science

Environmental and Health Sciences Program (EHSP)

Mission Statement

The Environmental and Health Sciences Department seeks to expose young scholars to issues focused on the sustainability of human health and the environment. By leveraging the diversity of faculty expertise, students are afforded opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research, engaging discussions with leading scientists and clinicians, as well as community-based social justice initiatives focused on sustainability. Students are uniquely positioned to take full advantage of career-related internships through our partnerships with leading institutions and governmental agencies.

Global Study Statement

The Environmental and Health Sciences Department provides an interdisciplinary global experience focused on addressing the global health concerns that impact both industrialized and developing countries. Health disparities due to access to care, resources and environmental changes will be explored. These educational excursions will involve a case-based approach to understanding public health and the pathophysiology of disease. There also will be a service-learning project to enhance student workplace competencies and to apply the knowledge gained from the didactic sessions.

Student Learning Outcomes  

  1. Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the delivery of culturally competent health care in an international setting. 
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of and effectively apply health care models, theories, and tools to issues impacting healthcare delivery. 

Health Careers Global Health Trip to Trinidad & Tobago 2017

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Join us for our one-day temperature mapping project and help gather invaluable data for climate justice research.

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