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Economics Major

A major must complete 40 semester hours of economics courses and 4 semester hours of calculus. A minimum grade of “C” is required in the completion of the 40 semester hours of economics coursework and in the 4 hours of required calculus.

It is strongly suggested that the student complete MATH 211 prior to the junior year. Of the 40 semester hours, 8 semester hours should be devoted to elective courses in economics at the 300 level.

Students planning to pursue graduate work in economics should take more than the required 8 semester hours of elective economics coursework. Elective spheres of concentration in economics are international economics, industrial organization, economic development, political economy, and public policy.

Students majoring in economics as well as those majoring in other disciplines can combine major study with a minor in management and organization, the latter being housed in the Department of Economics. Completion of the coursework in the management and organization minor allows the students in other disciplines to develop a business focus.

A student who has successfully completed a major in economics will be able to do the following and more:  

  1. Identify the economic dimensions of societal problems by effectively using appropriate economic concepts and definitions.

  2. Apply the analytical and theoretical framework of economics in the investigation of societal problems by exhibiting a comprehension of the economic method and its mode of inquiry.

  3. Apply the mathematical and quantitative tools of analysis for both problem solving and analytical purposes.

Student Highlight

Spelman  Senior Venus Montgomery

Making the choice to change the world and attend Spelman College was the best decision of my life. I am so grateful for the knowledge and sisters I have gained during my time at Spelman. I have had countless opportunities that I would not have had if I did not attend Spelman, such as interning at NASA, Next Era Energy & Citi; traveling the world, and meeting game-changers from all industries.

I started my journey after Spelman as a treasury and trade solutions analyst at Citi in New York.

Thank you Spelly! 350 forever #SpelmanGrad20 | LinkedIn

Venus Montgomery, C'2020

Serial Entrepreneur | ELC Scholar | TTS Analyst at Citi | Former VP of Spelman Pre Alumnae Council



Sophomore Year

• ECON 203 Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics (4)
• ECON 241 Principles of Macroeconomics (4)
• ECON 242 Principles of Microeconomics (4)

Junior Year

• ECON 303 Econometrics (4)
• ECON 304 Mathematical Economics (4)
• ECON 315 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (4)
• ECON 316 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (4)

Senior Year

Students will be required to take an exit exam.
• ECON 400 Senior Thesis (4) or for College-wide Honors Students
• ECON 490 Senior Thesis – Honors I (4)
• ECON 491 Senior Thesis – Honors II (4)
• Major Electives Two courses (8)

TOTAL: 40 (44 for Honors Students)

Cognate Courses

• MATH 211: Applied Calculus (4)

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