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Miss Spelman Court

Miss Spelman and Her Court

About Miss Spelman

Miss Spelman serves as an ambassador to Spelman College, in which she may be asked to represent the college to perspective students and parents, as well as donors, and external constituents. Miss Spelman carriers herself in a manner that enhances the image of the College. Miss Spelman College travels throughout the year to engage in personal appearances throughout the state. Ideals that Miss Spelman and Her Court hold dear are: Academic Excellence, Ethical Leadership, Appreciation of diverse cultures, and Commitment to positive social change.

Miss Spelman and Her Court 2022-2023

Miss Spelman Pageant Contestant Nia Curry

Nia Curry, Miss Spelman

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Major/Minor: Sociology Major, Writing Minor
Platform: Shades of Sisterhood

Miss Spelman Pageant Contestant Jillian Brown

Jillian Brown, 1st Attendant

Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
Major/Minor: International Studies Major
Platform Title: All I Want To Be Is Me... Mentally, Socially, & Academically

Miss Spelman Pageant Contestant Imani Page

Imani Page, 2nd Attendant

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Major: Chemistry
Platform Title: Uniquely Designed: Pieces of Spelman

Miss Spelman & Her Court 2021 - 2022

Miss Spelman College 2021 Diop Russell

Diop Russell, Miss Spelman

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Major/Minor:  English Major and Film & Visual Culture minor
Platform Title: Move With Ease

Spelman College Miss Spelman 2021 1st Attendant

Gia Elizabeth McCrae, 1st Attendant

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major/Minor:  International Studies
Platform Title: Find Your Inner Gem

Miss Spelman 2021 Second Attendant Sharadiant Turner


Sharadiant Turner, 2nd Attendant

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Major/Minor:  Mathematics
Platform Title: SHINE: Self-Esteem, Health,
Inclusivity, Navigation and Engagement


Miss Spelman Pageant 2019

Miss Spelman and Her Court 2018-19Miss Spelman and Her Court
Miss Spelman 2018-19 Pageant
Miss Spelman Pageant
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