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Miss Spelman

Miss Spelman and Her Court

HBCU Campus Queens Competition

Support Janna Perry, Miss Spelman 2017-2018, by voting for her in EBONY’s HBCU Campus Queens online competition. According to the contest organizers, "Historically Black Colleges and Universities were founded to promote Black excellence and brilliance, and each reigning beauty was elected by her peers and/or school officials to represent those standards for her institution of higher learning."

The Spelman community has the power to make a difference. You are allowed to cast three votes in a 24-hour period. So you can vote for Perry several times to help ensure she becomes one of the top 10 contestants who will then be featured in the magazine.

Additionally, the top 10 EBONY Campus Queens will travel to Disney and participate in their annual parade. This is a new option and honor because Disney typically does not allow any non-Disney characters to walk in their parades.

Vote for Janna Perry Today

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 31, 2018.

About Miss Spelman


Miss Spelman serves as an ambassador to Spelman College, in which she may be asked to represent the college to perspective students and parents, as well as donors, and external constituents. Miss Spelman carriers herself in a manner that enhances the image of the College.

Miss Spelman College travels throughout the year to engage in personal appearances throughout the state. Ideals that Miss Spelman and Her Court hold dear are: Academic Excellence, Ethical Leadership, Appreciation of diverse cultures, and Commitment to positive social change.


Miss Spelman and Her Court also host events on the Spelman College campus throughout the fall and spring semesters. The premier event for the fall semester is entitled “Pajamas and Pearls”. It is an exclusive event for the first-year class to become well acquainted with the campus queens and the Miss Spelman entity.

Other highlighted events during the fall have included The Miss Spelman Coronation and The Miss Spelman Tea. In the spring, Miss Spelman and Her Court host platform events tailored to their specific and unique initiatives. Miss Spelman and Her Court also present an annual Ode to the International Vagina Monologues and the highly anticipated Miss Spelman Pageant.


Miss Spelman Court 2017 - 2018

Miss Spelman Janna Perry

Janna LeAnn Perry, Miss Spelman

Hometown: Long Island, New York
Major/Minor: Political Science/Sociology
Platform: That's L.A.W.: Loving - Affirming - Winning

Miss Spelman 1st Attendant Zaire Bailey

Zaire Bailey, 1st Attendant

Hometown:  Santa Rosa, California
Major/Minor: Political Science
Platform: S.A.S.S.S.: Sisters Advocating for Self-Awareness, Self-Care, and Self Love

Miss Spelman 2nd Attendant Haleigh Hoskins

Haleigh Renèe Hoskins, 2nd Attendant

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois
International Studies/Spanish
Sí Se Puede (Yes You Can): The Journey Continues. (Bullying and Suicide Prevention Awareness)


Miss Spelman Winners Through the Years

Daeja Langston, 2016-17
Miss Spelman 2016

Ariana Brazier, 2015-16
Ariana Brazier

Courtnie Mack, 2014-15
courtie mack

Joi Crenshaw, 2013-14
Joi Crenshaw, Miss Spelman 2013-2014

Afton Lane, 2012-13
Afton Lane

Raavin Evans, 2011-12
Raavin Evans, Miss Spelman 2011-12

Meighan Parker, 2010-11
Meighan Parker, Miss Spelman 2010-11