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TAO (Therapy Assistance Online)

What is TAO Self-Help?

It may be helpful to think of TAO as an online library of engaging, interactive programs to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments or stumbling blocks in life. TAO is an interactive, web-based program that provides guided activities to help overcome anxiety, depression and other common concerns.

TAO - Therapy Assistance OnlineWe are excited to provide you with very powerful evidenced-based, learner-focused content that aims to increase positive and adaptive behavior. Using TAO you will learn:

  • PERSONAL SKILLS for developing personal agency and managing oneself;
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS for analyzing and using information;
  • INTER-PERSONAL SKILLS for communicating and interacting effectively with others.

TAO is tailored to fit your schedule and your needs:

  • The exercises can be completed through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • The online TAO programs are accessible 24/7.

You can complete TAO at your own pace, whether that's just one session a day, or perhaps two whole modules. It's entirely up to you.

How to Register for TAO

  1. In your browser window, navigate to the TAO Registration Form
  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name and school email address
  3. Create a Password, and Confirm your Password
  4. Leave the 'Enrollment Key' field blank
  5. Click 'Sign Me Up'
  6. Check your email. You will be sent a Welcome to TAO email with a confirmation link which you must click on to sign in.

Benefits of TAO Self-Help

You will have immediate access to highly effective therapeutic modules 24/7 anywhere you have internet access. You can sign up any time day or night.

Where to Begin

If you are unsure about which module is best for you, you can take the anonymous TAO Online Screening to get feedback along with some ideas about next steps you can take.


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