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Move in Day

New Student Orientation

When and Where I Enter: Imagine | Invent | Ascend
August 14-18, 2020

Post NSO FAQs  Prior NSO FAQs 

The NSO Program

The NSO Program seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Facilitate the smooth transition of new students, including transfer, international, domestic exchange, and Pauline E. Drake scholars to the Spelman community;
  • Introduce all students to Spelman’s educational mission, history and unique opportunities;
  • Provide academic advisement and course registration;
  • Aid students in understanding their responsibilities as members of the Spelman College academic and social communities;
  • Provide all new students with opportunities for social and recreational activities that develop sisterhood and supportive networks and that foster a sense of school pride.

You are expected to attend all programs and activities virtually. The programs will help you successfully navigate the Spelman College experience. All changes to the New Student Orientation schedule will be posted on the mySpelman portal under the tab New Student Orientation.

After NSO, Answers to Your Questions . . .

Thank you for submitting your questions prior to and during NSO. Please see our answers below.

Alumnae Affairs

Community Service

  • What is needed to prepare for the virtual community service?Expand
  • How can first-year students apply for virtual community service?Expand

Health and Wellness

  • Is it possible for students to access counseling if they are out of state? Expand

Housing and Residence Life

  • Will students have to reapply for housing in the spring?Expand
  • Will first year students be required to come to campus in the spring?Expand

STS Technical Support

Student Life and Engagement

Tuition, Fees and Textbook Purchases

  • How can students obtain information regarding the status of book purchases? Expand
  • How does the book voucher that’s on the student billing work?Expand
  • Will ebooks be available to print?Expand
  • Can students have physical books vs. ebooks?Expand
  • Will all textbooks be available electronically?Expand
  • Are books included in tuition and fees?Expand
  • Is there a processing fee to pay tuition with a credit card?Expand

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions Prior to NSO . . .

  • What should I expect at NSO?Expand
  • What are the NSO dates?Expand
  • Where can I find student information?Expand
  • Where can I find parent and family information?Expand
  • What is the checklist?Expand
  • How do I access the NSO schedule?Expand
  • When will I register for classes?Expand
  • What is the math placement exam?Expand
  • What is the computer literacy exam?Expand
  • What is the language placement examination?Expand
  • Where do I find the cost for tuition and fees?Expand
  • Can I connect to Spelman’s NSO via social media?Expand

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