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Board of Trustees

Spelman College


PHONE:   404-270-5138
FAX:        404-270-5137

Human Dignity Policy

Spelman College requires that the members of our campus community must respect all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, age disability or sexual orientation.  While we realize that acts of intolerance may be the result of ignorance and that a significant part of our mission is to confront ignorance with education, we cannot allow these acts to harm another person.  We are committed to the continual task of combating both subtle and obvious intolerance.

Spelman College regards as unacceptable conduct on the part of its students any words or actions that are intended to be, or that are reasonably foreseeable to be, threatening, intimidating, or harassing to any member of the College community.  This includes behavior or actions taken against students, faculty, staff, guests and contracted service employees on the basis of age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or physical or mental condition, marital, protected veterans status, genetic tests, genetic information or any other legally protected status.