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Spelman Speaks Up

Involvement Opportunities

For Students

Student Health Associates & Peer Educators (SHAPE)

The mission of SHAPE is to improve the lives of African American women by engaging Spelman College students, Atlanta University schools, and the surrounding community in dialogue and frank discussions about health and health lifestyles, for positive outcomes. SHAPE aims to ensure that Spelman women and the community know how to build and maintain healthy lifestyles for today and tomorrow. This mission is accomplished through creative and innovative strategies incorporating education and information in two major thrusts:

  • Women’s Health and HIV/AIDS/STIs/Abstinence
  • Chronic Diseases and Nutrition and Fitness

Community outreach is a component built into each thrust.

SHAPE understands that Black women are an integral part of Black families, the community and ultimately the world; and we are committed to keeping Black women strong and healthy for years to come.

More About SHAPE

Protecting our Spelman Sisters Everyday (POSSE)

POSSE is a Spelman College organization that meets monthly to address community safety, security issues and concerns. The organization's members are residents and commuter students who represent a diverse array of academic disciplines. A public safety officer is assigned to the organization to provide guidance and direction in the development and implementation of campus and community projects and initiatives.

More About POSSE

Sex Discrimination Student Commission (SDSC)

The SDSC affords Spelman students the opportunity to actively engage with the College’s Title IX program. Title IX is the federal law that protects people from discrimination based on sex including sexual violence, sexual harassment, and other forms of sex or gender-based discrimination in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. The SDSC is co-advised by the dean of students and assistant director for prevention and response (Title IX & Compliance Office).

Spelman Student Government Association Title IX Liaison

For Faculty and Staff

  • Committee on Campus Violence Against Women (Faculty)
  • Sexual & Gender Based Violence Response Team
  • Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Advisor Network

Title IX Report An Incident REPORT AN INCIDENT


Title IX Office

24-Hour Confidential
Response Line


Title IX Contacts


Sexual Misconduct Brochures

For Complainants (PDF)
For Respondents (PDF)
Safety Planning (PDF)