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Spelman Spring

Student Stories

In Her Own Words: Heaven Leigh Fisher, C'2020

May 2020

I, Heaven Leigh Fisher, am a graduating senior from the illustrious Spelman College. I am an international studies major from Houston, Texas. As a young woman/individual, I usually do not share my personal life online. However, after having endured so much, I feel compelled to share my testimony:

Spelman is not for the weak. During my matriculation at Spelman, I have lost and have experienced so much pain. From my house catching on fire to losing my grandmother, to losing friendships, to totaling my car, and to losing Maxwell — all I had known was darkness. When I decided to turn my darkness into light, I was able to redefine myself and speak my truth without shame.

Spelman Senior Heaven Leigh Fisher

I want you to know that my degree from Spelman is not just an accolade for myself. It is a manifestation of my ancestors’ sacrifice for my educational advancement. They have been waiting for someone with my strength to carry their name and implement transformative justice in our local and global communities. I truly am my ancestors’ wildest dreams. I am eternally grateful for Spelman molding me into the Black woman  I am today.

Spelman taught me love, strength, sisterhood, and how to change the world. During these turbulent times in my life, I remain undaunted by the fight and forever grateful for the sisterhood, and the unconditional abundance of love and support that Spelman continues to give me. I am finally a Spelman woman. #SpelmanGrad20