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Spelman Spring

Student Stories

Thulani Vereen, C’2020

May 2020

Thulani Vereen

Thulani Vereen, is a computer science major from Yardley, Pennsylvania. She serves as a co-captain of the Spelman Programming Team, a three-term student choreographer for the Spelman Dance Theater, and co-founder of WeAreSpelman. After Spelman, she will be working as a software engineer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Readers can learn more about her projects at

"I will always refer to my time at Spelman as the time I found my light," said Vereen. "Upon entering the College, I was caught in an internal struggle between my passions of dance and computer science. I was putting pressure on myself to pick one over the other, but each time I 'picked' one, I felt an immense betrayal within."

thulani vereen

"Spelman taught me that there are no bounds to what I can be. Spelman pushed me to ask, why not do both? I have answered this question by producing several dance-tech projects over the last four years. I will continue to answer this question by committing myself and my career to being a leading innovator in the performing arts-technology space. Special thanks to Dr. Jerry Volcy, Professors Kathleen Wessel and T. Lang, and Eric Thompson for helping me find my light and encouraging me to bring the fire."