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Spelman Spring

Student Stories

Nia Page, C'2020

May 2020

Nia Page

Nia Page, a graduating senior international studies major from Nashville, Tennessee, is the 78th Student Government President at Spelman College, an honor she says has been one of her greatest privileges.

"I am thankful for the legacy I have been able to follow from the SGA presidents who served during my time at Spelman  -- Imani Dixon, Jill Cartwright, and Bria Paige as well as for the SGA presidents who served years ago and guided me -- Stacey Abrams and Dawn Thompson. They have paved the way and created a beautiful legacy of servant leadership in striving to make the 'Choice to change the world'.' I am especially grateful that my legacy is continuing with the future SGA President, Fana Haileselassie, of the 79th administration," said Page.

nia page

"Spelman College is more to me than merely the iconic Spelman gates, the archway, Packard, or Rockefeller. It is global sisterhood, a culture, a community, and a family. To me, Spelman is the 139 years old legacy of Sophia's and Harriet's stand against Jim Crow America and their dedication to the education of Black women. My identity is entwined with Spelman College, and it is because of Spelman that I am now ready to continue the legacy beyond the gates upon graduation."

Page desires to be the first Black woman ambassador to China. Utilizing her knowledge of global politics, she says she will be appointed as the Secretary of State. Following in the steps of Condolezza Rice, she will bridge the gap between countries and cultures through soft politics and by protecting nations' sovereignty while upholding human rights.